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Strengthening U.S. Eurasian Partnerships

Providing a unique forum to build U.S. – Eurasian partnerships, SABIT helps American organizations create new relationships and strengthen existing ties with Eurasian partners, and customers. Relationships founded on mutual trust are the most significant aspect of business in Eurasia. The linkages formed through SABIT serve as a basis for new business development and lead to tangible results. While SABIT training programs generate commercial results at home in the United States, the impact abroad is equally beneficial. SABIT has an alumni network of over 4,000 leaders from business and scientific communities that are leveraging their SABIT training to drive market-based reforms, develop civil society institutions, and promote economic growth in Eurasia.


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Benefits of Participation


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U.S. host organizations have expanded their presence in Eurasian markets by conducting training designed to build capacity with local partner organizations and develop management skills of regional representation.

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Through the transfer of local knowledge from trainees, hosts have achieved continued success through an understanding of market access issues, such as certification, customs, taxation, logistics, networking and market research.

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Hosts have formed cooperative research and development partnerships with Eurasian scientists that have led to the development and commercialization of marketable research and technologies.

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Non-governmental organizations have transferred institutional knowledge, technical expertise, and skills to Eurasian partners and associations, who serve as conduits for institution building and economic development.

For examples of how organizations have achieved commercial and organizational objectives in Eurasia with SABIT, go to the SABIT Results page.

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