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The Office of Inspector General consists of an immediate office, which is comprised of the Inspector General, the Deputy Inspector General, the Special Assistant to the Inspector General, the Legislative/Intergovernmental Affairs Officer, and six major components:

Office of Counsel

The Office of Counsel provides legal advice and services to the Inspector General and to OIG staff conducting audits, inspections, and investigations.

Office of Audits

The Office of Audits (OA) conducts and coordinates performance and financial audits of internal Commerce operations, and financial-related audits of external activities funded by Commerce through contracts or financial assistance such as loans, grants, and cooperative agreements. OA also monitors Commerce's efforts to address audit recommendations.

Office of Inspections and Program Evaluations

The Office of Inspections and Program Evaluations inspects and evaluates departmental programs, organizations, operations, and management issues. An inspection is a review of an activity, unit, office, contractor, or nonfederal entity that receives Commerce funds or works with the Department. These reviews focus on the organization and are designed to give agency managers timely information about operations, including current and foreseeable problems. Program evaluations are in-depth reviews of specific management issues, policies, or programs. They may also address government-wide or multiagency issues, and may be conducted with other OIGs.

Office of Systems Evaluation

The Office of Systems Evaluation (OSE) provides oversight of the Department's information technology systems, policies, programs, and contracts. Systems evaluations are reviews of the technical, management, and contractual issues pertaining to information technology-related systems, programs, and operations. They are conducted to improve the Department's acquisition and use of information technology in support of its mission and to help ensure that IT investments are well managed. OSE also conducts independent reviews of the Department's information security program and practices, as required by the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002.

Office of Investigations

The Office of Investigations (OI) consists of criminal investigators and support personnel at various locations around the U.S. OI criminal investigators are federal agents, possessing full law enforcement authority, duties, and training. They investigate allegations of misconduct by employees, contractors, or grantees that may involve fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement in the programs or operations of the Department. OI investigations may result in criminal, civil, or administrative sanctions against violators of law, Department regulations, or employee standards of conduct. OI maintains a Hotline, accessible to the public and to government employees and officials at all levels, to accept and process complaints regarding suspected misconduct. The Hotline accepts complaints by telephone, facsimile transmittal, U.S. mail, e-mail, or online submission.

Office of Administration

The Office of Administration provides administrative support for OIG, which includes the development, coordination, and execution of the OIG budget; human resources management, policy, and operations; management information and computer support; and preparation of the IG's Semiannual Report to the Congress and other publications.

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