U.S. Census Bureau
Photo of a computer and CDs  with the caption, "Census 2000, providing you with data important to you and your community" Operations

ESCAP- March 2001 Recommendation
Review the report on adjustment prepared by the Executive Steering Committee for Accuracy & Coverage Evaluation Policy.

ESCAP II - October 2001 Recommendation
Review the research being conducted to determine the potential future uses of the adjusted Census 2000 data.

A.C.E. Revision II - March 2003
Review the research conducted since October 2001

Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation of Census 2000: Design and Methodology [PDF 3.7MB]
Technical documentation of March 2001 A.C.E. and March 2003 A.C.E. Revision II

Decision on Intercensal Population Estimates
Review the report on the decision on intercensal population estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to questions on Census 2000 data, operations and policy.

Plans and Rules for Taking the Census
Refer to the Census 2000 Operational Plan, Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Federal Regulation and Residency Rules.

Census Marketing
Learn about Census in Schools, the Census 2000 Integrated Marketing Plan, posters and promotional tools.

Census Participation
View Census 2000 response rates for the country and your community.