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Link to Census 2000 Gateway 1-Percent Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files

PUMS files have state-level Census 2000 data containing individual records of the characteristics for a 1 percent sample of people and housing units.

The PUMS files contain geographic units called super-Public Use Microdata Areas (super-PUMAs), a new geographic entity for Census 2000. The state files, which may contain one or more super-PUMAs, include geographic equivalency files that show the relationship between the super-PUMA and standard Census 2000 geographic concepts (e.g., counties, etc.). The super-PUMAs are made up of a Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) or group of contiguous PUMAs (each PUMA must have a minimum of 100,000 population). PUMAs are only identified on the 5-percent files and not on the 1-percent files.

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Census 2000 Super-Public Use Microdata Area (PUMS) Maps

States Now Available
FTP (Release date)

Alabama (5-7-03)
Alaska (6-4-03)
Arizona (5-28-03)
Arkansas (6-4-03)
California (5-7-03)
Colorado (5-21-03)
Connecticut (5-21-03)
Delaware (5-28-03)
District of Columbia (5-14-03)   
Florida (4-23-03)
Georgia (5-28-03)
Hawaii (6-4-03)
Idaho (6-4-03)
Illinois (5-7-03)
Indiana (6-4-03)
Iowa (5-21-03)
Kansas (5-7-03)
Kentucky (5-21-03)

Louisiana (6-4-03)
Maine (5-21-03)
Maryland (5-7-03)
Massachusetts (5-21-03)
Michigan (5-28-03)
Minnesota (5-28-03)
Mississippi (6-4-03)
Missouri (6-4-03)
Montana (5-21-03)
Nebraska (5-7-03)
Nevada (5-21-03)
New Hampshire (5-28-03)   
New Jersey (5-7-03)
New Mexico (5-21-03)
New York (4-23-03)
North Carolina (5-28-03)
North Dakota (5-21-03)
Ohio (5-7-03)
Oklahoma (5-7-03)
Oregon (5-21-03)
Pennsylvania (6-4-03)
Puerto Rico (5-7-03)
Rhode Island (4-23-03)
South Carolina (5-28-03)
South Dakota (6-4-03)
Tennessee (5-28-03)
Texas (5-7-03)
Utah (5-21-03)
Vermont (4-23-03)
Virginia (6-4-03)
Washington (5-28-03)
West Virginia (5-28-03)   
Wisconsin (5-28-03)
Wyoming (4-23-03)

*The release dates are subject to change due to uncertainties in processing.  This means that states tentatively scheduled for release may be delayed and states not listed could be embargoed for release without notice.


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