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In accordance with the Federal Register notice dated July 6, 2001, the Count Question Resolution program ended on September 30, 2003.

The CQR Program was a planned administrative review program that handled external challenges to particular official Census 2000 counts of housing units and group quarters population received from state, local or tribal officials of governmental entities or their designated representatives in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The Census Bureau’s Special Census Program is the only recourse available to communities that are dissatisfied with their revised Census 2000 counts. Special Censuses are authorized by Title 13, Section 196, and are conducted by the Census Bureau at the request of local and tribal governments to provide current population and housing numbers between decennial censuses. Some states’ legislation specifically allows for the use of updated Census Bureau-certified numbers during the intercensal period. Local or tribal governments pay for all costs associated with a Special Census.

Additional information on the Special Census Program may be reviewed at the Census Bureau's Special Census Internet site, which is located at http://www.census.gov/field/www/specialcensus, or the Office of Special Censuses may be contacted at (301) 763-1429.

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