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Special American Business
Internship Training Program

Promoting Partnerships, Generating Results

The emerging markets of Eurasia present unique opportunities for U.S. companies and Eurasian economies alike. The Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program builds partnerships and provides technical assistance by training Eurasian business leaders in U.S. business practices. These training programs directly support Eurasian economic and civil society development by encouraging market-based reforms, while generating valuable export and investment opportunities for U.S. industry.


While Eurasian markets are full of opportunity, there are an equal number of risks that must be considered. A sound understanding of the local market environment is instrumental in managing these risks. SABIT enables U.S. companies to develop this local knowledge by establishing partnerships and training local Eurasian management.


SABIT manages a training program that turns partnerships into results.

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Encouraging business development and technical assistance through industry-specific training. more dashed arrow


Just as strong partnerships lead to commercial success, more stable societies lead to sustainable economic growth. SABIT works to create a sound environment for economic growth in Eurasia by promoting market-based reforms, building institutional capacity, and encouraging civil society development.


SABIT provides U.S. organizations with innovative training programs that reduce market access barriers and minimize commercial risks, thereby helping more than 1,000 organizations develop relationships with potential customers, distributors, and partners in Eurasia.








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SABIT Program


Upcoming Group Programs
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Hotel Management

for Eurasia

January 26 – February 23, 2008

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Infrastructure: Road Construction

for Eurasia

February 23 - March 22, 2008

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Water Resource Management

for Central Asia, Western Eurasia and the Caucasus

March 29 – April 26, 2008



dashed arrow В связи с имевшими место в Армении случаями получения оплаты частными лицами за оформление анкет, программа SABIT напоминает соискателям на участие в стажировках, что в странах Евразии существуют только три представительства программы, и анкеты являются бесплатными.


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