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Publications :: Census Reading Room

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Publications: Census Reading Room

  • Census 2010: Dress Rehearsal of Address Canvassing Revealed Persistent Deficiencies in Approach to Updating the Master Address File—OSE-18599 [PDF] Report
  • 2010 Decennial Census: Census Should Further Refine Its Cost Estimate for Fingerprinting Temporary Staff — OIG-19058-1 [PDF] Briefing Report  Bureau Response  
  • 2010 Decennial Census: OIG Reviews Through the Decade Identify Significant Problems in Key Operations — OIG-19217 [PDF] Briefing Report 
  • Follow-up Review of the Workers' Compensation Program at the Census Bureau Reveals Limited Efforts to Address Previous OIG Recommendations--Evaluation: IPE-18592 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • 2010 Census: Key Challenges to Enumerating American Indian Reservations Unresolved by 2006 Census Test—Evaluation: OSE-18027 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Enumerating Group Quarters Continues to Pose Challenges - Inspection: CENSUS-IPE-18046 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Valuable Learning Opportunities Were Missed in the 2006 Test of Address Canvassing - Evaluation: Census-OIG-17524
    Abstract   Report
  • FDCA Program for 2010 Census Is Progressing, but Key Management and Acquisition Activities Need to be Completed - Inspection: CENSUS-OSE-17368 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Improving Our Measure of America: What the 2004 Census Test Can Teach Us in Planning for the 2010 Decennial Census - Inspection: OIG-16949-1 [PDF] Report
  • Census Bureau's National Processing Center Needs to Improve Controls Over Government Bills of Lading - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-14911 [PDF] Report
  • MAF/TIGER Redesign Project Needs Management Improvements to Meet Its Decennial Goals and Cost Objective - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-15725 [PDF] Report
  • Selected Aspects of Census 2000 Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Need Improvements Before 2010 - Evaluation: ESA-IG-14226 [PDF] Report
  • Improving Our Measure of America: What Census 2000 Can Teach Us in Planning for 2010 - Performance Audit: ESA-OIG-14431 [PDF] Report
  • Actions to Address the Impact on the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation of Suspected Duplicate Persons in the 2000 Decennial Census - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-13812 [PDF] Report
  • Review of Special Population Enumerations and Questionnaire Assistance Centers — Audit: OA-ESD-12593-0-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Re-enumeration at Three Local Census Offices in Florida: Hialeah, Broward South, and Homestead-Performance Audit: Census-ESA-13215 [PDF] Report
  • Local Census Offices Were Successfully Opened, but Some Lessons Can Be Learned from Decennial Leasing Operations - Inspection: ESA-IPE-11573 [PDF] Report
  • A Better Strategy Is Needed for Managing the Nation's Master Address File - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-12065 [PDF] Report
  • Unjustified Decennial Census Unemployment Compensation Claims Should Be Reduced Because Terminations for Cause Were Mostly Well Documented - Inspection: ESA-IPE-13212 [PDF] Report
  • Review of the Special Census of the Village of Machesney Park, Illinois - Inspection: ESA-IPE-12045 [PDF] Report
  • Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Contract Needs Administration and Surveillance Plan - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-12376 [PDF] Report
  • Decennial Census Warehousing Operations Needed Attention - Performance Audit: ESA-DEN-11950 [PDF] Report
  • PAMS/ADAMS Should Provide Adequate Support for the Decennial Census, but Software Practices Need Improvement - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11684 [PDF] Report
  • Accountable Property Used for the Decennial Census Needs Improved Controls; Bankcard Program Is Well Managed - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11781 [PDF] Report
  • Atlanta Region Experienced Late Pay Problems for Census 2000 Employees - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-11640 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Needed in Multiple Response Resolution to Ensure Accurate, Timely Processing for the 2000 Decennial Census - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-10711 [PDF] Report
  • Public Awareness Campaign Is Meeting Program Objectives - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11755 [PDF] Report
  • Dress Rehearsal Quality Check Survey Experience Indicates Improvements Needed for 2000 Decennial - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11449 [PDF] Report
  • Data Capture System 2000 Requirements and Testing Issues Caused Dress Rehearsal Problems - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-10846 [PDF] Report
  • Dress Rehearsal Activities at Menominee Indian Reservation and Chicago Regional Census Center Show That Improvements Are Needed for Census 2000 - Inspection: ESA-IPE-10753 [PDF] Report
  • Additional Steps Needed to Improve Local Update of Census Addresses for the 2000 Decennial Census - Inspection: ESA-IPE-10756 [PDF] Report
  • 2000 Decennial Census: Address-Building Program May Become More Complex, Costly, and Counterproductive - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-9608 [PDF] Report
  • Headquarters Information Processing Systems for the 2000 Decennial Census Require Technical and Management Plans and Procedures - Evaluation: OSE-10034 [PDF] Report
  • 2000 Decennial Census: Expanded Targeted Questionnaire Program May be Unnecessary and Counterproductive - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-9610-7 [PDF] Report
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