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Seal of the Department of Commerce
Seal of the Department of Commerce
Seal of the Department of Commerce
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About Us

The Office of Budget's primary responsibility is helping to prepare and defend the Department's annual budget request. The Office also supports long-range planning, conducts Department-level budget execution activities, supports development of performance measures and annual performance plans, and helps Bureaus implement Commerce budget procedures and policies.

Each summer, the Office analyzes Bureau budget requests and identifies issues and provides information to help Departmental officials make resource decisions which are incorporated into the following documents:

  • The Secretary's Budget Request to OMB (in early September), and
  • The President's Budget Request to Congress (early February)

The first week in February the Office prepares a Budget-in-Brief which summarizes the President's Request. The Office also produces the Department's Performance and Accountability Report and a five-year Strategic Plan which is updated every three years. These documents are mandated by the Government Performance and Results Act, which requires strategic planning and measurable performance indicators for all major programs.


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