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Hotline Information

Information that is helpful to provide when submitting a complaint:

For all types of hotline complaints:

  • Type of DOL funds or programs involved and any specific restrictions, rules, or regulations that relate to them;
  • What the individual(s) did that is inappropriate. Include anything the individual may have done to avoid detection;
  • Names, positions, organizations involved in the inappropriate activity, as well as the names of individuals involved. Include names, addresses, and telephone numbers, if possible;
  • Date(s) of the misconduct or wrongdoing.

Allegations involving DOL Grantees:

  • Names and addresses of sub- and primary contractors;
  • Nature of the wrongdoing (e.g., intentional misuse of funds for other purposes, cost mischarging, defective pricing, or conflict of interest); Type of contract (e.g., fixed-fee or cost-plus);
  • Bid, contract, or grant numbers;
  • Date of the contract or grant award;
  • Name of the agency official responsible for the contract or grant; and;
  • Cost and terms of the contract.

In addition to the above types of allegations, you can make the following types of Labor Racketeering allegations to the OIG Hotline:

  • Payoffs from management to labor officials or other illegal payments or kickbacks;
  • Theft or misuse of union assets;
  • False reports on ERISA required documents;
  • Deprivation of union rights by violence;
  • Embezzlement from an employee benefit plan;
  • Extortion or obstruction of interstate commerce by threat or violence.

Important Note: If the misconduct has been reported to another Federal agency, provide as much information as possible on when it was reported and which Federal agency received the report.



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