Title 15--Commerce and Foreign Trade


TEXT PDF4.1 General.
TEXT PDF4.2 Public reference facilities.
TEXT PDF4.3 Records under the FOIA.
TEXT PDF4.4 Requirements for making requests.
TEXT PDF4.5 Responsibility for responding to requests.
TEXT PDF4.6 Time limits and expedited processing.
TEXT PDF4.7 Responses to requests.
TEXT PDF4.8 Classified Information.
TEXT PDF4.9 Business Information.
TEXT PDF4.10 Appeals from initial determinations or untimely delays.
TEXT PDF4.11 Fees.
TEXT PDF4.21 Purpose and scope.
TEXT PDF4.22 Definitions.
TEXT PDF4.23 Procedures for making inquiries.
TEXT PDF4.24 Procedures for making requests for records.
TEXT PDF4.25 Disclosure of requested records to individuals.
TEXT PDF4.26 Special procedures: Medical records.
TEXT PDF4.27 Procedures for making requests for correction or amendment.
TEXT PDF4.28 Agency review of requests for correction or amendment.
TEXT PDF4.29 Appeal of initial adverse agency determination on correction or amendment.
TEXT PDF4.30 Disclosure of record to person other than the individual to whom it pertains.
TEXT PDF4.31 Fees.
TEXT PDF4.32 Penalties.
TEXT PDF4.33 General exemptions.
TEXT PDF4.34 Specific exemptions.