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Working at the OIG

The OIG is committed to attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce to meet our mission and achieve our agency goals.

The OIG conducts its work through audits, criminal investigations, and reviews of DOL programs and operations. Most OIG vacancies fall within two fields: criminal investigators and auditors.

Criminal Investigators

  • Plan and conduct criminal investigations of fraud against DOL programs by contractors, grantees, claimants, medical providers, and DOL employees.
  • Plan and conduct investigations of labor racketeering and organized crime influence or corruption in unions, pension and employee benefit plans, and in DOL programs.
  • Complete intensive Federal law enforcement training that prepares them to interview witnesses, perform undercover and surveillance activities, make arrests, and participate in Federal strike forces.


  • Plan and conduct audits of DOL programs, operations, and financial statements.
  • Review costs incurred by grantees and contractors.
  • Determine whether programs have achieved their goals in an efficient manner.
  • Recommend improvements.
  • Use audit tools that combine both traditional and cutting edge technology.



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