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  U.S. E-Auth Identity Federation Membership Documents

Joining the U.S. E-Authentication Identity Federation

The document defines the requirements a Relying Party application shall successfully to join the Federation. The activities, in no particular order, include but are not limited to executing agreements, understanding requirements, implementing technology and support services, assessing compliance, and making E-Authentication-enabled services accessible to end users. This document highlights the flow and relationship of those activities in order to provide a useful, usable "roadmap" for joining the Federation.

E-Authentication Federation Governance
This document is intended to improve the internal management of the Federal Government.

E-Authentication Federation Operational Standards
This document defines operational standards for Federation Members.

E-Authentication Federation Relying Party Agreement
A signed agreement between the E-Authentication Program Management Office (E-Auth PMO) and the Relying Party (RP).

Page Last Updated:  05-August-2008

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