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Regulations, Part 779
Fair Labor Standards Act
as Applied to Retailers of Goods or Services
§779.411 through §779.419

779.411 - Employee of a ``retail or service establishment''.

779.412 - Compensation requirements for overtime pay exemption under section 7(i).

779.413 - Methods of compensation of retail store employees.

779.414 - Types of employment in which this overtime pay exemption may apply.

779.415 - Computing employee's compensation for the representative period.

779.416 - What compensation "represents commissions".

779.417 - The ``representative period'' for testing employee's compensation.

779.418 - Grace period for computing portion of compensation representing commissions.

779.419 - Dependence of the section 7(i) overtime pay exemption upon the level of the employee's ``regular rate'' of pay.

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