Cover: Occupational Projections and Training Data, 2008-09

Occupational Projections and Training Data

This data is available for download at our ftp site or at our Occupational Employment, Training, and Earnings database.

Occupational Projections and Training Data, 2008-09 Edition

This statistical and research supplement to the Occupational Outlook Handbook presents detailed, comprehensive statistics used in preparing the Handbook. It also discusses how the data are prepared and presents new research—information that is valuable to training officials, education planners, vocational and employment counselors, jobseekers, and others interested in occupational information. This edition of the supplement is the 18th in a series dating back to 1971.


  • I. Education and Training Classification Systems (PDF)
  • II. The 2006–16 National Employment Matrix Structure (PDF)
  • III. Selected Occupational Data, 2006 and projected 2016 (PDF)
  • IV. Factors Affecting Industry Employment and Occupational Utilization, 2006–16 (PDF)
  • V. Estimating Occupational Replacement Needs (PDF)
  • VI. Education and Training Statistics: Completions, by field of study (PDF)

Selected Tables:  

  • I–5. Above-average growth and above-average wage occupations, by educational attainment cluster and wages, 2006 and projected 2016 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • II–1. National Employment Matrix occupational directory, 2006 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • II–2. National Employment Matrix industry directory, 2006 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • III–1. Occupational employment and job openings data, 2006–16, and worker characteristics, 2006 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • III–2. Employment for occupations not presented in the National Employment Matrix, 2006 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • IV–1. Employment and output by industry, 1996, 2006, and projected 2016 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • IV–2. Factors affecting industry output and employment, 2006–16 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • IV–3. Factors changing occupational utilization, 2006–16 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • V–3. Total and net replacement rates and annual average projected replacement needs, 2006–16 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)
  • VI–1. Earned awards and degrees, by field of study, 2003–04 (PDF) (Zipped XLS)

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