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BLS Publications 1978-98 Catalog of BLS Bulletins
and Reports, 1978-98

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This catalog lists, by subject matter, all of the bulletins and reports published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1978-98.  Links to online bulletins and reports are provided.

Periodicals are not included in this catalog.  Information about periodicals is available on the Current Publications page.



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This report provides numerical listings and a subject index of bulletins and reports issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1978 through 1998. It updates BLS Report 863, containing similar information through 1995. Previous publications in this series include Bulletin 1749, which lists all BLS bulletins and reports from 1886 to 1971 and a subject index from 1915, and Bulletin 174 which contains a subject index of bulletins published before 1915.

Periodicals are not included in the publication. However, an annotated list of current periodicals is available.

Each quarter, the Bureau publishes BLS Update, which lists bulletins, reports, national news releases, and other publications issued during the quarter.

Bulletins still in print are for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402, or by the BLS Publications Sales Center, P.O. Box 2145, Chicago, IL 60690-2145. Reports are available free of charge, as long as supplies last, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC 20212-0001, or its regional offices. All publications may be available for reference at leading public, college, and university libraries.

Nicole S. Padar, Office of Publications and Special Studies, Division of Editorial Services, prepared this report under the direction of Eugene H. Becker. Margaret Jones of the Office of Publications and Special Studies provided layout and design.

Material in the publication is in the public domain and, with appropriate credit, may be used without permission. This information is available to sensory impaired individuals upon request. Voice phone: (202) 691-5200; Federal Relay Service: 1-800-877-8339.

Printed copies of this report are available from the Office of Publications and Special Studies, Room 2850, Division of Information Services, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20212-0001.

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