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Federal PKI (FPKI) Contacts:
Cheryl Jenkins - FPKI Program Manager | 202.577.1441
Judith Spencer - Chair of the FICC
Acting Chair of FPKI Policy Authority | 202.208.6576
Welcome to the Federal PKI Steering Committee (Archives) website.

Mission Statement:
The Federal PKI Steering Committee (FPKISC) used to take on the task of providing Government-wide guidance and coordination of Federal activities necessary to implement a public key infrastructure (PKI).

The FPKISC used to coordinate, oversee, monitor, implement, and report on the development of a PKI to support secure electronic commerce and electronic messaging as well as other Federal agency programs requiring the use of public key cryptography.

The FPKISC is now an inactive group. This site can be used to reference the Steering Committee's repository for archived information.