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This catalog is organized by key subject categories; e.g., Census 2000, People, Housing, Foreign Trade, Business information, etc. This is not an E-Sales Catalog. You must contact the Customer Services Center at 1-800-923-8282, or 301-763-INFO (4636), to place an order or if you need help finding what you need.

Business and Industry

DVDs, CDs and publications in print, provide periodic and comprehensive statistics about business establishments and activities in Economic Censuses and surveys. Go to products


Certification services for users needing to have Census Bureau documents or data certified for use in legal proceedings. Go to products

Decennial Census: 1980

CD-ROMs, DVDs and publications in print, providing the results of the 1980 census. Go to products

Decennial Census: 1990

DVDs, CD-ROMs and publications in print, providing the results of the 1990 census. Go to products

Decennial Census: 2000

DVDs, CDs and publications in print, providing the results of the 22nd decennial census, Census 2000. Go to products

Foreign Trade

DVDs providing the latest data on U.S. trade, monthly or quarterly, showing U.S. imports and exports. Go to products


Geographic reference files and maps in paper, DVD and CD. Essential for using Census Bureau data products, especially detailed data for small areas like census blocks and tracts based on Census 2000. Go to products


Printed publications provide comprehensive statistics from the Census of Governments data collected every five years in years ending in 2 and 7. Go to products


CDs and printed publications from the American Housing Survey and the Residential Finance Survey detailing the nation's housing, covering a wide range of topics. Go to products

People and Households

DVDs and CDs with extensive demographic and social characteristic data on the nation's population from the American Community Survey and other surveys. Go to products


U.S. government's premier desktop reference sources with statistical information on the United States, available on CD-ROM, in print, and online. These publications contain statistics from the Census Bureau and from many other sources, both government and private. The Statistical Abstract has been issued in print annually since 1878 and many ... Go to products


The Census Bureau offers training materials and conducts workshops and other sessions to help increase customer awareness, access, understanding and use of information collected by the Census Bureau. Go to products

Unavailable Products

The products listed here are no longer available for ordering. Go to products

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