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GPC Work Groups

The GPC created five Work Groups to further its role in providing oversight of government-wide grants policy initiatives. In order to do this, the GPC created five Work Groups to provide policy related recommendations. Each GPC Work Group develops unique work products and focuses on different areas of grants policy. For a current list of potential products being considered by the GPC for development, please click here.
Pre-Award    Post-Award    Mandatory    Audit Oversight    Training and Certification
Pre-Award Work Group
The Pre-Award Work Group is responsible for developing policy proposals for streamlining and simplifying the phase of the grants life cycle extending from announcement of a funding opportunity through to the making of an award. The specific areas that the Work Group addresses are:
  •Grants policy framework
  •Announcements of funding opportunities
  •Certifications and assurances
  •Award format and content, including terms and conditions
  •Non-procurement suspension and debarment, which the Work Group addresses in partnership with the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee established by Executive Order 12549
The Work Group coordinates its proposals, as needed, with other interagency groups, including the groups responsible for developing application forms and data elements for them.
Post-Award Work Group
The Post-Award Work Group identifies streamlining and simplification opportunities in the post-award grants life cycle phase. During this phase recipients perform project activities under their awards and submit progress, financial, and other required reports (other than audit reports). In addition, the Post-Award Work Group covers grantees' requests for and receipt of payment, monitoring of awards for compliance and progress, and provisioning of Federal technical assistance. The objectives of this Work Group are to:
  •Streamline and simplify reporting requirements and the payment process
  •Achieve greater uniformity in business processes related to reporting while improving the quality of information reported by recipients
  •Make Federal cost principles more consistent where appropriate
The Post-Award Work Group has made significant progress in the development of standard formats for post award reporting across the government. The standard formats are designed to enable electronic reporting and enhance the government’s ability to report on how grant dollars are used. Grantees will benefit from the standard formats by reducing the administrative burden currently associated with post award reporting requirements.
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Mandatory Work Group
The Mandatory Work Group is responsible for identifying ways to increase posting of mandatory grants to In addition, the Work Group explores ways in which to streamline and coordinate mandatory grant requirements across Federal mandatory grant-making agencies. The Work Group also focuses on the following:
  •Data collection standardization and simplification consistent with statutory, regulatory, and other government-wide efforts
  •Addresses pertinent Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (Transparency Act) impacts on mandatory grants
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Audit Work Group
The Audit Work Group is responsible for improving the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-133 single audit process to ensure that audits provide useful and reliable information to Federal agencies and pass-through entities and that recipient audits are in compliance with Federal audit requirements. The objectives of this Work Group include:
  •Maintaining the OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement for up-to-date information on federal requirements
  •Verifying that single audits are conducted and submitted as required
  •Ensuring audit quality is adequate
  •Improving the services provided by the Federal Audit Clearinghouse
The activities of this Work Group are being carried out by several subgroups addressing the A-133 Compliance Supplement, audit quality, sub-recipient monitoring, and auditing of indirect costs.
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Training and Certification Work Group
The Training and Certification Work Group is responsible for addressing government-wide issues concerning the grants management workforce. This Work Group's objectives include:
  •Developing a government-wide grants management series as a professional series under Office of Personnel Management guidelines
  •Developing standards for a government-wide grants management training curriculum and certification program.This Work Group has four subgroups
  •Training, which researches existing grants management training curriculums within and outside of the federal government
  •Competencies, which identifies baseline government-wide core grants management competencies
  •Certification, which researches various methodologies and best practices to implement a government-wide grants management certification programs
  •Grants Management Database, which researches opportunities for the development of a government-wide grants management professional resource database
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If you have questions about the Federal government's efforts to streamline grants management, please contact the Grants Policy Committee.
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