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1990 Census of Population and Housing
Public Law 94-171 Data (Official)
Age by Race and Hispanic Origin

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The Census Bureau recently released to the Subcommittee on the Census, Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, a copy of the Public Law 94 - 171 data adjusted to reflect the measured net undercounts based on the 1990 Census Post-Enumeration Survey. Prior to this point, these data had not been publicly released except as a national total, as state totals, for cities and counties over 100,000 population, and for congressional districts. The full data file being released includes information for areas as small as census blocks. In response to the anticipated demand for these data in the public discussion of Census 2000, the Census Bureau determined the release of these data on the Internet is the best and most efficient way to make these data publicly available. Detailed file descriptions are available in the technical documentation.


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