Research Program

The Center for Economic Studies (CES) and its network of Census Research Data Centers (RDCs) support and encourage research activity using Census Bureau microdata to improve Census Bureau programs. CES and the RDCs provide access to researchers, federal agencies, and other institutions to non-publicly available Census Bureau data files.
2007 Annual Research Report (PDF - 984kb)

Upcoming Seminars

11/05Imports 'R' Us: Retail Chains as Platforms for Developing-Country Imports
11/20Comparison of Energy Efficiency Frontiers Across Multiple Manufacturing Sectors
12/11RESCHEDULED: Credit Market Competition and the Nature of Firms
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Discussion Papers

Linking Investment Spikes and Productivity Growth: U.S. Food Manufacturing Industry
Geylani, Stefanou

Local Industrial Conditions and Entrepreneurship: How Much of the Spatial Distribution Can We Explain?
Glaeser, Kerr

The Direct and Indirect Costs of Food Safety Regulation

Choices of Metropolitan Destinations by the 1995-2000 New Immigrants Born in Mexico and India: Characterization and Multivariate Explanation
Liaw, Frey

An Analysis of Key Differences in Micro Data: Results from the Business List Comparison Project
Fairman, Foster, Krizan, Rucker

Transfer Pricing by U.S.-Based Multinational Firms
Bernard, Jensen, Schott


New Decennial Census Data Available
By: Brian Holly
Published: Oct 27, 2008

Major additions and revisions to confidential decennial census files will make it easier to conduct research on multiple years of data. 1970 and 1980 100-percent and sample (long form) decennial census files are now available through the Census Research Data Centers.
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CES Annual Research Report for 2007 Available
By: Brian Holly
Published: Oct 22, 2008

The 2007 edition of the CES Annual Research Report has been published and is available for download from the CES website. Interested persons can download the document in Portable Document Format (PDF) by clicking on the cover image above under Research Program at the top of this page or by going to the Forms and Documents link under Quick links.
OnTheMap Version 3.1
By: Brian Holly
Published: Oct 22, 2008

Where are the jobs and workers? How have they changed over time? These questions are critical for understanding the dynamics of a nation’s local and regional labor markets and their impacts on society. The U.S. Census Bureau’s OnTheMap offers an innovative, real-life solution for data users to easily visualize the location of as many as 150 million current workers and 190 million current jobs in the United States at unprecedented geographic detail, while still strictly protecting confidentiality.
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