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swimming ImagePick out a swimsuit that fits your style. If you plan to swim competitively, you'll need a suit that is lightweight and stretchy. It should also fit snugly so it won't slow you down when you're racing or slip off as you dive into the water!

A pair of goggles will allow you to see where you are going underwater without your eyes feeling itchy and irritated. They even make prescription goggles so you can see underwater if you wear glasses!

Finally, if you're outside, you'll wanna guard against the sun. So, rub on some sunscreen!


Wet T-Shirt Relay. Got two T-shirts, some friends, and time at the pool? Then you're ready to play! Divide into two teams and have half of each team line up on opposite sides of the pool. When you're ready to go, the first player on each team puts on the wet T-shirt and jumps into the pool. (No running to jump in!) The players swim across to the other side as fast as they can and tag the next person in their team's line. Then they take off the wet T-shirt and give it to their teammate to put on. As soon as it's on, the next swimmer can jump in and go. The first team to have all of its swimmers finish the relay wins!

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