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tennis ImageWhat's all the racket about racquets? Well, you can't play tennis without one. If you're buying a junior racquet, choose the longest one that you can comfortably use. Want more information on selecting a junior racquet? If you weigh more than 85 pounds you should look for an adult racquet.

When you have a racquet, you'll need to find a court. Look around at school or at parks in your neighborhood. Then, put on socks (if they're not cotton, they'll help you avoid blisters) and sneakers with good ankle support. Don't forget the tennis balls!


Fish in the Pond: Try tossing the ball onto your racquet or into a hula-hoop on the ground to practice aiming your toss.

Overhead Ball Catch: Toss the ball up like you are about to serve and catch it just above your head.

Two-Handed Alligator Catch: Stretch out your arms straight in front of you like they are the top and bottom of an alligator's mouth. Have a friend throw the ball toward you and slap your hands together to catch it. After each catch, make the alligator's mouth a little bigger.

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