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gymnastics ImageUnlike some other sports, gymnastics doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but there are certain things you’ll need for specific events, and some standard gear that all gymnasts should have.

Female gymnasts usually wear leotards (one or two piece outfits that fit snuggly to the body). Boys can wear running shorts or sweatpants with fitted tops, or with your shirt tucked in. Just make sure you don’t wear clothing that is too loose—it could get caught on the equipment when you are performing your tricks and cause you serious problems! For those of you with long locks, you’ll need to pull it back with a hair band or in a braid—this will prevent it from getting in your face during your routine which could cause you to lose concentration and sight.

Gymnasts also wear hand guards and use chalk to prevent their hands from slipping when working on the floor mats, rings, or bars. The hand guards help prevent blisters and make it easier to swing around on the bars.

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