Active or Not, Here It Comes!

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The goal of this section is to expand students' understanding of physical activity beyond organized sports. By extending their view of physical activity, students will recognize that organized sports (e.g., playing on the football or soccer team), less competitive or personal fitness activities (e.g., swimming with friends or weight training), lifetime sports (e.g., golfing or walking), and some everyday activities (e.g., walking their dog, dancing to their favorite song, or mowing the lawn) are all forms of physical activity. As students understanding grows, they will determine that they already participate in physical activities to some extent and gain confidence to expand upon their activities.

Students will:

Relevant Standards:

National educational standards that correspond to this activity appear below. Grades 5-8 and grades 9-12 standards are listed to address those middle schools that include ninth grade.

National Science Education Standards

Grades 5-8, Standard F

Grades 9-12, Standard F Benchmarks for Science Literacy

Chapter 6, Benchmark E, Grades 6-8 National Health Education Standards

Grade 5-8
Standard 1 Standard 3 Standard 6

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