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Xpert Opinion: Matt
Image of MattHey, Matt here. Come on in to my little corner of the world, where I'll help you get a handle on the stress, conflict, and other troubles that bug you. Fact is, you and I don't have to feel like we're at the mercy of our worries.

There are lots of ways to control stresses and pressure so they don't control us. I pulled together the best tips I've seen for handling what life throws at us. And I put 'em all in my section, like the BAM! Guide to Getting Along . Plus, I popped in a quiz where you can get your personal stress profile, a game called Bully Roundup that just might give you some bully-handling ideas, and (my personal fave) Grind Your Mind where I'll deliver a skateboard trick for your right answers about peer pressure. So glad you're here...I feel better already!

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