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The Big Test: How We Experience Short-Term Stress
In this activity, teachers will induce mild stress in students by announcing they are about to have a quiz that will be a major part of their grade. Once students learn that this is not true, they will describe their physical and mental changes in response to this stress.

The Body-Mind Connection of Stress
In this activity, students will fill out their own "physical reactions to stress" inventory and graph the class results. Then they will work in pairs to learn more about the body mechanisms that cause physiological stress symptoms, such as a fast heartbeat, cold hands, and dry mouth, or even longer-lasting symptoms such as a headache and sleeplessness. Finally, students will discuss their own reactions to stress and understand that many physiological stress reactions are part of the body's normal functioning. Students will also look at ways of dealing with stress.

Feeling Frazzled? Stress and What to Do About It
In this activity, students discuss what's bad and good about stress and some of the biggest stressors for kids their age. They go to the BAM! Web site and take the Stress-O-Meter test to help them gauge their own level of stress and learn about new ways to relieve their personal stress. In a class discussion, students learn more about the differences between short- and long-term stress. They keep a stress diary, and evaluate whether their methods for reducing stress were successful.








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