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EXCITE is a collection of teaching materials developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to introduce students to public health and epidemiology, the science used by "disease detectives" everywhere. Students will learn about the scientific method of inquiry, basic biostatistics, and outbreak investigation. The site also includes Science Olympiad Exercises.

CDC WebsiteGlobal Health Odyssey Museum
Includes kids page, teacher's bureau, and directions for how to schedule a visit to the museum.

CDC WebsiteCareers in Public Health
Articles found here will give your students a sense of the daily life of practicing disease detectives and highlight the range of careers associated with public health sciences and epidemiology.

CDC WebsiteNational Science Olympiad
The National Science Olympiad seeks to elevate science education and learning to a level of high enthusiasm and support.ÊThe CDC sponsors two Science Olympiad events: Disease Detective and the Science of Fitness.

CDC WebsiteSpeakers Bureau
Instructions for Requesting a Volunteer CDC Speaker.

Media Literacy

CDC WebsiteMediaSharp
An important, new classroom tool to help middle and high school youth evaluate those media messages and make healthy, life-saving choices.


CDC WebsiteKids Quest
This site is intended to get kids to think about people with disabilities and some of the issues related to daily activities, health, and accessibility.Ê

Infectious Disease

CDC WebsiteNeato Mosquito: An Elementary Curriculum Guide
This curriculum guide is designed to teach 4th grade students about mosquito biology and the prevention of disease.

CDC WebsiteVirus Encounters
This free curriculum offers middle and high school school teachers a comprehensive set of multimedia aids and activities for teaching units on infectious disease topics.

CDC WebsiteRabies
Presents facts about rabies in a kid-friendly format and provides important information on prevention.

CDC WebsiteDisease Cards
This set of cards has photos and information about some of the infectious diseases that CDC studies. Students and teachers can view the set online OR download and print their own copy.

Food Safety

Fight Bac
Curriculum that introduces young children to important steps in food safety.

It's a Snap
This site gives teachers and nurses a toolkit and incentives to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at school.

Science and Our Food Supply
Curriculum for middle and high school classrooms on food safety for science teachers.

Food Risks: Perception Vs. Reality
A program to promote food risk awareness and understanding for high school students.

Safe Food. It's Your Job Too
Food safety lessons for students (interactive online lessons and tests).

Physical Fitness

CDC WebsiteVERB™ It's What You Do.
VERB™ makes physical activity cool and fun for tweens, encouraging them to keep moving everyday. Download activity ideas and VERB resources for use with tweens in your classes, programs, clubs, etc.

CDC WebsiteCreate a Classroom that Moves
Brochures designed to help parents, teachers, and principals increase physical activity among elementary and middle school-aged youth through tips on ways to keep kids fit.

CDC WebsiteKids Walk to School
A community-based program that aims to increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk to and from school in groups accompanied by adults.

CDC WebsiteHealthy Youth
This site includes information on various health topics, funding, resources, data and statistics, and recommendations.

CDC WebsitePowerful Bones. Powerful Girls.
Useful information on how to help girls' lifelong bone-healthy habits, including tips on nutrition and physical activity to help keep bone loss at bay.

Lesson plans on various physical activity and nutrition topics.

Includes free, science-based lesson ideas and activities that help make learning about heart health easy for all educators and fun for students from Pre K to Grade 8.

TAKE 10!
A classroom-based physical activity program for kindergarten to fifth grade students.


CDC WebsiteTobacco Youth Education Materials
Educational materials for teachers regarding tobacco information and prevention.

CDC WebsiteMediaSharp
An important, new classroom tool to help middle and high school youth evaluate media messages and make healthy, life-saving choices.

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