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Tip: When is a conflict not a conflict at all?
When you stop it before it starts. Lots of times, problems start when someone doesn't understand where another person is coming from. (Remember the last time someone got mad at you for what seemed like no reason?) So, if you're confused about why someone is acting a weird or mean, find out why. Talk, e-mail, IM, send a text message! When they tell you, listen, really listen. And if someone tries to make you mad on purpose, just ignore 'em or ask them why. No one controls your feelings but you!
BAM! Guide to Getting Along

Someone took your seat at lunch or pushed ahead of you in line. Your best friend wants you to let her cheat off your test paper. A guy in math class called you...something not so nice. Sometimes it seems like life is a sea of problems — and your ship is sinking. BAM! Body and Mind can help you handle the things that make you crazy. (Well, not all of them. You'll still have homework.)

In every situation, everyone sees things differently and wants to do things their way. And it's normal for people to believe they are right, which leads to disagreements. Problems are never fun — but they can help you to have a good discussion and you can work things out. Clearing the air will help you learn more about your friends, your family,...even yourself. Solving problems in the right way also can help you get through them quickly and easily, and stop them from getting out of control, or even violent.

If sparks do start to fly, you have the power to put out the fire. The next time you have an issue on your hands, don't explode or let someone walk all over you. Instead, convince them to try the BAM! plan with you.

Tip: Put a simmer on it. Feel like you're about to lose it?
Here are some tips to keep your anger from boiling over:

Take some deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing your body with each breath.


Count to 10 slowly.


Think before you react — what are consequences of your actions?


Keep your voice "low and slow."


Split the scene. Remove yourself from the situation — leave the room for a minute or take a short walk.

For more information on staying cool, check this out.

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