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International Economic Accounts

Balance of Payments (International Transactions)

Quarterly and annual estimates of transactions with foreigners, including trade in goods and services, receipts and payments of income, transfers, and transactions in financial assets.

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Trade in Goods and Services

Monthly estimates of trade in goods and services.

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International Services

Annual estimates of trade in services and of sales of services in international markets through U.S. and foreign affiliates of multinational companies.

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International Investment Position

Annual estimates of the value of accumulated stocks of U.S.-owned assets abroad and of foreign-owned assets in the United States.

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Operations of Multinational Companies

Comprehensive data on inward and outward direct investment, including data on direct investment positions and transactions and on the financial and operating characteristics of the multinational companies involved.

U.S. direct investment abroad

Foreign direct investment in the U.S.

Articles and presentations

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Projects linking BEA data with data from other statistical agencies

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Supplemental Estimates

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Survey Forms and Related Materials

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Previously Published Estimates

Previously published estimates contain historical data and have since been revised. Please contact the International program area with questions.

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Last updated: Friday, October 17, 2008