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ICE organizational chart Susan Cullen, Director, Office of Policy Michael Neifach, Principal Legal Advisor Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary Peter T. Edge, Acting Director, Office of Congressional Relations Deborah Neve, Director, Executive Secretariat and Information Management William F. Reid, Director, Office of Professional Responsibility James Pendergraph, Executive Director, Office of State and Local Coordination Wendy Burrell, Director, Office of Public Affairs Lyn Rahilly, Privacy Officer John P. Torre, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations Theresa Bertucci, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management James T. Hayes, Jr., Acting Director, Office of Detention and Removal (DRO) Marcy Forman, Director, Office of Investigations Alex S. Keenan, Chief Financial Officer Charles N. DeVita, Director, Office of Training and Development Raymond R. Parmer, Acting Director, Office of International Affairs Gary W. Schenkel, Director, Federal Protective Service (FPS) Luke McCormack, Chief Information Officer Rob Parsons, Director, Office of Human Capital Susan E. Lane, Director, Office of Intelligence Bert Medina, Director, National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit Ashley Lewis, Director, Acquisition Management Catrina Pavlik-Keenan, Director, Office of Freedom of Information Act Nicholas J. Smith, Chief of Staff Ryan L. Spradlin, Director, Office of ICE Reporting and Operations Center David J. Venturella, Executive Director, Secure Communities
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