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Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to ESA

Title 29  



Chapter V  

Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor



Part 525  

Employment of Workers With Disabilities Under Special Certificates

29 CFR 525.14 - Posting of notices.

  • Section Number: 525.14
  • Section Name: Posting of notices.

    Every employer having workers who are employed under special minimum 
wage certificates shall at all times display and make available to 
employees a poster as prescribed and supplied by the Administrator. The 
Administrator will make available, upon request, posters in other 
formats such as Braille or recorded tapes. Such a poster will explain, 
in general terms, the conditions under which special minimum wages may 
be paid and shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the employer's 
premises where it may be readily observed by the workers with 
disabilities, the parents and guardians of such workers, and other 
workers. Where an employer finds it inappropriate to post such a notice, 
this requirement may be satisified by providing the poster directly to 
all employees subject to its terms.
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