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Where in my place of business am I required to post posters?
I'm a homebuilder and my salespeople/employees are required to report to the main office only once a week. Can I just post the posters there?
Our employees must report to our main office headquarters each morning, and then go off to work at our different worksite locations. Do we have to post the federal posters at all of those other worksite locations?
Our company has many buildings. Our employees report directly to the building where they work, and there is no requirement that they must first report to our main office or headquarters location prior to commencing work. Do I have to post the notices / posters in each of our buildings?
Which posters have to be posted where “applicants” as well as employees can see them?
We have break rooms on each floor in our building. Do I have to post the posters in each break room on each floor or can I just post them in the lunch room?
Where employees of two different employers are working at the same location, is each employer required to post all of the federal workplace posters that apply to them and their respective employees?
We don’t interview or process applicants in a central location but at individual supervisors’ offices. What do we do about notices that must be posted where applicants for employment can see them?
I am a homebuilder, and my construction crews do not report to our main office before commencing work but report directly to various construction sites. Where should I post the required federal posters?

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