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Attorney General's Report to the President on Executive Order 13,392,
"Improving Agency Disclosure of Information"

On June 1, 2007, the Attorney General submitted his second report to the President on Executive Order 13,392.  In accordance with the Executive Order, this report is based on the annual FOIA reports for Fiscal Year 2006, and it provides "an update on the agencies' implementation of the FOIA and of their plans" for improving their FOIA operations.
This report describes the initial progress that agencies have made in the first months of implementing their FOIA Improvement Plans.  The report includes discussions on agency activities, successes, and challenges, with a particular focus on twenty-five key agencies including all fifteen Cabinet Departments.  The report also includes a series of recommendations designed to assist agencies in achieving their improvement goals.
To aid in the review of agencies' progress in implementing the Executive Order, charts have been made for the twenty-five key agencies which assign a color code for each milestone that occurred during this first reporting period.  Overall, agencies have made measurable and meaningful progress in meeting their milestones and goals.
This report is now available electronically on the Department of Justice's FOIA Web site at  The accessible version which is in
compliance with Section 508 of the Disabilities Act is available at  (posted 6/8/07; supplemented 6/20/07).

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