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March 2007 Freedom of Information Act Guide
Now Available

The Office of Information and Privacy has completed the latest revision of the Freedom of Information Act Guide, a comprehensive reference volume covering all aspects of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  The March 2007 edition of the FOIA Guide contains a newly updated and revised discussion of the procedural requirements of the FOIA, the contours of the FOIA's nine exemptions and three exclusions, as well as the considerations applicable to FOIA litigation.

This latest edition of the FOIA Guide also contains an overview of Executive Order 13,392, entitled "Improving Agency Disclosure of Information."  This Executive Order was signed by the President on December 14, 2005, and calls upon all agencies to improve their FOIA operations by ensuring that they are "both results-oriented and produce results."

The March 2007 edition of the FOIA Guide is now available electronically on the Department of Justice's FOIA Web site at  This electronic version of the FOIA Guide can be easily searched by using key words.  The FOIA Guide has also been sent to the Government Printing Office, which expects it to be ready for distribution in hard copy within the next few weeks.  (posted 4/6/07)

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