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Research Findings

Research Activities, August 2008:
New AHRQ report examines health care efficiency measurement

Research Activities, July 2008:
HCUP 2006 Kids' Inpatient Database (KID) is now available
AHRQ's HCUP 2006 Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) now available

Research Activities, June 2008:
AHRQ releases 2006 State data from HCUP
Updated releases of HCUP Comorbidity Software and Clinical Classifications Software Updates are available

Research Activities, May 2008:
AHRQ's 2007 State Snapshots provide broader portraits of State-by-State health care performance

Research Activities, April 2008:
Individuals will use Web-based data about physician characteristics and performance to choose a doctor

Research Activities, March 2008:
New patient safety proposed regulation aims to improve health care quality and patient safety
Most employers review but do not use quality data when selecting health care plans
Crash site data along with pelvic x-rays may aid triage of motor vehicle crash victims with pelvic fractures

Research Activities, February 2008:
Hospitals serving the uninsured and underserved need help with public reporting and pay-for-performance measures

Research Activities, January 2008:
Journal supplement explores alternative research approaches to test drug safety and effectiveness

Research Activities, September 2007:
AHRQ's HCUP 2005 Nationwide Inpatient Sample is now available

Research Activities, June 2007:
AHRQ publishes landmark Federal handbook on the use of patient registries
AHRQ's annual State Snapshots highlight States' gains and lags in health care quality

Research Activities, May 2007:
Reconciliation of MEPS and the National Health Expenditure Accounts aids benchmarking and policy simulation efforts

Research Activities, April 2007:
Updated pharmacy data can track whether HIV patients are maintaining enough adherence for treatment success
HCUP adds new interactive overview course on HCUP-US Web site

Research Activities, February 2007:
Standardizing data input for electronic health records may improve their potential to measure care quality

Research Activities, January 2007:
Adding lab data and refining secondary diagnosis information improves the ability to measure hospital quality of care
Identifying patients' medical conditions at hospital admission provides a more accurate picture of hospital performance

Research Activities, December 2006:
Journal supplement reviews evidence for the efficacy of telemedicine and telecare
Clinician communication through multidisciplinary rounds may improve with well-designed information tools

Research Activities, November 2006:
Women's self-report of mammography use conflicts with verified reports using claims data

Research Activities, July 2006:
Researchers compare two widely used data sources to examine hospital nurse staffing
Studies examine Federal support and ways to measure available resources for emergency medical services in rural areas

Research Activities, June 2006:
More data are needed to better identify health care disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Research Activities, December 2005:
Patient Safety Indicators may be useful screening tools in Veterans Health Administration hospitals

Research Activities, March 2005:
Pharmacy data can help public health officials identify TB cases and assess their management by private-sector physicians
Studies of COX-2 inhibitors have ramifications for other drugs and pharmaceutical policies

Research Activities, December 2004:
Mail surveys and telephone interviews can be used to survey Asian Americans with limited English proficiency

Research Activities, August 2004:
Study uncovers major differences in the use and cost of health care for privately insured men and women with HIV
Researchers find insufficient evidence to evaluate how well surveillance systems can detect bioterrorism

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