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Evidence-based Medicine

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Evidence-based Practice Centers
Evidence Reports and Technical Reviews by Topic
Evidence: Its Meanings in Health Care and in Law
National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (
Low Birthweight in Minority and High-Risk Women
Putting Evidence Into Practice
Schizophrenia PORT Results Provide Evidence-based Treatment Information
Testimony on AHRQ's Role in Evidence-Based Preventive Health Care Services

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Speeches & Testimony

Date   Title
6/12/07 AHRQ's Research Efforts in Comparative Effectiveness

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Workshops & Conferences

Evidence-Based Disability and Disease Prevention for Elders: Translating Research into Community-Based Programs
Workshop Brief, December 6-7, 2004
Using Evidence
Workshop Brief, May 8-10, 2000
Translating Evidence into Practice
Conference Summary, July 27-29, 1998
Translating Evidence into Practice
Conference Summary, July 21-23, 1997

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Research Findings

Agency Press Releases
Date   Title
9/29/08 Behavioral Modification Programs Help Obese Children Manage Their Weight
10/9/07 AHRQ Announces Next Phase of its Evidence-based Practice Center Program
10/4/07 Evidence of Benefit Lacking for Many Common Ways of Treating Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Research Activities, August 2008:
New Spanish-language consumer guide compares oral diabetes medications
Lack of evidence limits comparison of effectiveness of localized prostate cancer treatments

Research Activities, July 2008:
Hundreds of patients would need to undergo spirometry to defer a single acute exacerbation of COPD

Research Activities, March 2008:
Outcomes vary for prostate cancer patients choosing surgery, and no treatment was proven superior overall

Research Activities, January 2008:
Internal medicine physicians find it more difficult to apply clinical guidelines to patients with multiple medical conditions
Journal supplement explores alternative research approaches to test drug safety and effectiveness

Research Activities, November 2007:
Evidence of benefit is lacking for many common ways of treating osteoarthritis of the knee
AHRQ announces the next phase of its Evidence-based Practice Center program

Research Activities, October 2007:
Studies funded by AHRQ's Primary Care Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) identify ways to improve patient care and report medical errors

Research Activities, May 2007:
Studies examine effect of physician practice size and opening of specialty cardiac hospitals on treatment of heart attack patients
Assessing all health conditions and heart attack severity at admission helps assess patients' risk of dying

Research Activities, March 2007:
Reliability model improves hospital safety and eliminates bloodstream infections in the ICU

Research Activities, January 2007:
Health systems dedicated to improving patient safety are beginning their journey and need a roadmap to prioritize initiatives
Pediatric hospitalists are more likely than community pediatricians to use evidence-based care for hospitalized children
New report finds little evidence to determine the usefulness of genetic tests in the treatment of depression
National guidelines and clinical evidence only modestly influence prescribing of antihypertensive agents

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Research Activities, November 2006:
Scientific evidence is lacking for patients choosing among treatments for narrowed kidney arteries

Research Activities, October 2006:
New evidence report finds most genomic tests to identify or treat ovarian cancer have not shown clinical value

Research Activities, June 2006:
Study finds no clinically significant difference in effectiveness of drugs for managing anemia in patients undergoing cancer treatment

Research Activities, May 2006
Nurse-anchored practice-based research centers help address health disparities

Research Activities, January 2006:
Study describes training and practice characteristics of massage therapists

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Research Activities, May 2005:
Prolonging clopidogrel therapy from 1 month to 1 year after coronary angioplasty with stent placement is cost effective
Researchers examine effects of quality improvement on depression care for adolescents and adults
Low literacy is associated with several adverse health outcomes
Missing clinical information during primary care visits is commonplace and can adversely affect patient care
Use of a clinical decision rule can improve the accuracy and efficiency of orthopedists in diagnosing deep vein thrombosis
Use of an interactive computer program can help patients and staff improve diabetes care in primary care practices
Use of hormone replacement therapy plummeted after publication of findings from the Women's Health Initiative trial

Research Activities, April 2005:
Most obstetricians are reluctant to grant women a first-time cesarean delivery without medical indications

Research Activities, February 2005:
Computed tomography may be more accurate than ultrasound for diagnosing appendicitis in adults and adolescents
Physicians often change their clinical decisions about management of cancer patients based on results of PET scans
Following protocols for managing hypertension and metabolic syndrome can reduce cardiovascular risk factors
Immediate postoperative ECG helps identify non-cardiac surgery patients at risk for cardiac complications
People with diabetes who have chronic hyperglycemia are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease
Organizational research can help clinicians make decisions about staff and IT systems
Mentors may help accelerate the shift toward evidence-based nursing practice

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Research Activities, December 2004:
Evidence-based care for depression is clinically effective for minority patients

Research Activities, November 2004:
Addressing multiple factors for certain diseases rather than just one may promote healthier lifestyles

Research Activities, July 2004:
Treatment of high cholesterol in women should be based on all risk factors of heart disease, not just lipid levels
Children with short stature function within the normal range on most standardized tests
Disadvantaged communities may be at increased risk for S. pneumoniae transmission among young children
Most people who have chronic fatigue syndrome are underemployed or unemployed, and some can be considered disabled
Task Force update concludes that current data do not support screening asymptomatic individuals for lung cancer
Screening people with hypertension for diabetes is more cost effective than screening all patients for diabetes

Research Activities, April 2004:
Many medications are effective in managing atrial fibrillation

Research Activities, January 2004:
South Carolina's initiative to reduce hypertension rates trains hypertension specialists and provides advice to doctors

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