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Dental Health

Dental Care: Improving Access and Quality

Evidence Reports

Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 88:
Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Adjuncts to Scaling and Root-Planing Therapy for Periodontitis

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MEPS Reports

MEPS Chartbook No. 17:
Dental Use, Expenses, Dental Coverage, and Changes, 1996 and 2004 (PDF Help)
MEPS Research Findings No. 20:
Dental Services: Use, Expenses, and Sources of Payment, 1996-2000
MEPS Statistical Brief, No. 112:
Dental Expenditures in the 10 Largest States, 2003 (PDF Help)
MEPS Statistical Brief, No. 113:
Children's Dental Care: Periodicity of Checkups and Access to Care, 2003 (PDF Help)
MEPS Statistical Brief, No. 117:
Children's Dental Visits and Expenses, United States, 2003 (PDF Help)
MEPS Statistical Brief, No. 156:
Dental Expenditures in the 10 Largest States, 2004 (PDF Help)

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Research Findings

News and Numbers

Date   Title
4/2/08 Untreated Cavities 5 Times More Likely in Kids from Low-Income Communities than High-Income Ones
11/8/07 Less Than Half of American Youth Get Yearly Dental Visit

Research Activities, August 2008:
Low-income adults with physical disabilities face transportation, accessibility, and privacy barriers

Research Activities, June 2008:
Children from low-income communities are five times more likely to have untreated cavities

Research Activities, May 2008:
Nearly one-third of adults show low literacy on dental health

Research Activities, April 2008:
Children from lower income families are not as likely to visit a dentist after a care provider's referral

Research Activities, December 2007:
Doctors should advise Latino families about the safety, low cost, and dental health benefits of drinking tap water

Research Activities, November 2007:
Study confirms link between intravenous bisphosphonates and jaw infection or surgery
Fewer dentists and different care preferences may contribute to lower use of dental care in rural Kansas

Research Activities, December 2006:
People with low incomes are more likely to obtain dental care outside of private dental practices than those with higher incomes

Research Activities, October 2006:
Rural children with special health care needs are more likely than their urban counterparts to lack needed dental care

Research Activities, May 2006
Improved recognition and treatment of emotional problems may indirectly improve the elderly's use of preventive care

Research Activities, March 2006
Minority children living in public housing are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems

Research Activities, September 2005:
Acculturation plays a pivotal role in the health status and behaviors of Latinos in the United States

Research Activities, August 2005:
Efforts beyond expanding health coverage may be needed to improve access and quality for low-income and minority children

Research Activities, June 2005:
Maryland Medicaid saved millions of dollars by ending reimbursement of dentists for treating adult dental emergencies

Research Activities, September 2004:
Children with special health care needs in Medicaid managed care plans receive more needed care than those in Medicaid FFS plans

Research Activities, July 2004:
WIC participation improves poor children's access to dental care
Higher income and coverage for dental care increase use of dental services among older adults

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