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Tools and Resources

AHRQ Patient Safety Network

Preventing Disability in the Elderly with Chronic Disease

Dictionary of Cancer Terms (National Cancer Institute)

Research Findings

Research Activities: Online Newsletter 
Summarizes study findings, including those specific or relevant to cancer care, diagnosis, and prevention

Agency Press Releases

Date   Title
10/7/08 Task Force Finds Several Methods Equally Effective for Colorectal Cancer Screening
9/22/08 Computer-Based Tools Will Help Make Best Use of Genetic Breast Cancer Tests
8/4/08 Task Force Says Men Age 75 and Older Should Not Be Screened for Prostate Cancer
4/21/08 AHRQ and Ad Council Encourage Men To Take Preventive Steps in Their Health Care

News and Numbers

Date   Title
1/23/08 Big Money: Cost of 10 Most Expensive Health Conditions Near $500 Billion
4/18/07 Costs for Treating Heart Disease and Cancer Increase Substantially
4/12/07 More Than 1 Million Hospital Patients Experience Side Effects and Other Problems With Their Medications

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Comparative Effectiveness Reviews

Comparative Effectiveness Review, No. 3:
Comparative Effectiveness of Epoetin and Darbepoetin for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

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Evidence Reports & Technology Assessments

Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 75:
Effect of the Supplemental Use of Antioxidants for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 78:
Immuno-Augmentation Therapy and Naltrexone
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 79:
Cancer Control Interventions
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 90:
Strategies for Improving Minority Healthcare Quality
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 102:
Physical Activity in Cancer Patients and Survivors
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 113:
Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Cancer
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 122:
Cancer Clinical Trials, Recruiting Underrepresented Populations
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 130:
Management of Adnexal Mass
Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, No. 137:
Cancer Care Quality Measures, Symptoms and End-of-Life Care

Technology Assessments:
Compendia for Coverage of Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Biologics in an Anticancer Chemotherapeutic Regimen
Horizon Scan on the Use of Genetic Testing in Cancer
Positron Emission Tomography (FDG) for Brain, Cervical, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Small Cell Lung, and Testicular Cancers

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Quality of Care

National Health Care Quality Report: Cancer

Health Care Innovations Exchange: Quality Tools

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse™

Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web


Quality of Health Information on the Internet

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Translating Research into Practice

Advance Care Planning: Preferences for Care at the End of Life

The High Concentration of U.S. Health Expenditures

Translating Research into Practice (TRIP)-II

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Preventive Services

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: Cancer

Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age
Men: Stay Healthy at 50+—Checklists for Your HealthNew!
Women: Stay Healthy at Any Age
Women: Stay Healthy at 50+—Checklists for Your HealthNew!

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Disparities in Health Care

National Healthcare Disparities Report 2007

Health Care for Minority Women

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Información en Español

Hombre: manténgase saludable a cualquier edad
Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age

Mujer: manténgase saludable a cualquier edad
Women: Stay Healthy at Any Age

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Additional Information by Type of Cancer

Breast Cancer
Cervical/Uterine/Ovarian Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Lung Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Skin Cancer
All Other Types of Cancer

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