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Reprints of Articles by Staff

Reprints of journal articles by researchers of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are available free on a single-copy basis while supplies last.

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To order reprints of staff articles, contact the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse and give the article's publication number (in the list below).

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Publication No. Title Date
05-R028 An Analysis of Administrative Data Found that Proximate Clinical Event Ratios Provided a Systematic Approach to Identifying Possible Iatrogenic Risk Factors or Complications Feb-05
05-R027 Using Standardized Patients in an Objective Structured Clinical Examination as a Patient Safety Tool Feb-05
05-R026 Rural-Urban Differences in Employment-Related Health Insurance Feb-05
05-R025 Long-term Effectiveness of Weight-Loss Interventions in Adults with Pre-Diabetes: A Review Feb-05
05-R024 Hospitalization and Death Associated with Potentially Inappropriate Medication Prescriptions Among Elderly Nursing Home Residents Feb-05
05-R023 From Information on Quality to Quality Information Jan-05
05-R022 Potentially Inappropriate Medication Prescriptions Among Elderly Nursing Home Residents: Their Scope and Associated Resident and Facility Characteristics Jan-05
05-R021 It's Your Health: Use Your Medications Safely Feb-05
05-R020 Improving the Use and Safety of Medications in Women Through Sex/Gender and Race/Ethnicity Analysis: Introduction Feb-05
05-R019 Gender Differences in Drug Use and Expenditures in a Privately Insured Population of Older Adults Feb-05
05-R018 AHRQ Children's Health Services Research Dec-04
05-R017 Improving Patient Safety—Five Years after the IOM Report Dec-04
05-R016 An Opportunity for Health Services Research: The AHRQ Furthers Nursing Practice Dec-04
05-R015 Motorcycle-Related Hospitalizations in the United States, 2001 Dec-04
05-R014 Translation Research: Where Do We Go From Here? Dec-04
05-R013 Organizational Research with Impact: Working Backwards Dec-04
05-R012 Challenges in Healthcare Systems and Women's Caregiving Roles Nov-04
05-R011 Childhood Obesity: Is there Effective Treatment? Nov-04
05-R010 The Influence of Rural Location on Utilization of Formal Home Care: The Role of Medicaid Nov-04
05-R008 News from AHRQ - Evidence-based Resources for Nurses: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Nov-04
05-R006 Nurses' Working Conditions: Implications for Infectious Disease Oct-04
05-R005 AHRQ Update - Evidence-based Health Care 2004: AHRQ Moves Research to Translation and Implementation Oct-04
05-R004 Changing Organizations for Their Likely Mass-Casualties Future Oct-04
05-R003 Preventing 3 Million Premature Deaths and Helping 5 Million Smokers Quit: A National Action Plan for Tobacco Cessation Oct-04
05-R002 Effects of Nursing Home Ownership Type and Resident Payer Source on Hospitalization for Suspected Pneumonia Oct-04
05-R001 The First National Reports on United States Healthcare Quality and Disparities Oct-04


Publication No. Title Date
04-R070 First, Do No Harm: The Perils of Shift Work Sep-04
04-R069 New Evidence on Hospital Profitability by Payer Group and the Effects of Payer Generosity Sep-04
04-R068 Burden of Illness in Cancer Survivors: Findings from a Population-Based National Sample Sep-04
04-R067 Tracking Changes in Eligibility and Coverage Among Children, 1996-2002 Sep-04
04-R066 SCHIP's Impact in Three States: How do the Most Vulnerable Children Fare? Sep-04
04-R065 Children's Health Coverage: A Quarter-Century of Change Sep-04
04-R064 Looking Inside the Nation's Medicine Cabinet: Trends in Outpatient Drug Spending by Medicare Beneficiaries, 1997 and 2001 Sep-04
04-R063 Commentary - Multiple Risk Factors Interventions. Are We Up to the Challenge? Sep-04
04-R062 Market Watch: Exploring the Business Case for Improving the Quality of Health Care for Children Aug-04
04-R061 Mental Health Disorders Among Individuals with Mental Retardation: Challenges to Accurate Prevalence Estimates Aug-04
04-R060 Advance Care Planning: Preferences for Care at the End of Life Aug-04
04-R059 Hospital Admissions Associated with Nontraumatic Dental Emergencies in a Medicaid Population Aug-04
04-R058 Postoperative Adverse Events in Teaching and Nonteaching Hospitals Aug-04
04-R057 Prevention Health Care Quality in America: Findings from the First National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports Aug-04
04-R056 The Rate and Cost of Hospital Readmissions for Preventable Conditions Aug-04
04-R055 AHRQ's FY 2005 Budget Request: New Mission, New Vision Aug-04
04-R054 Antiretroviral Therapy and Health Care Utilization: A Study of Privately Insured Men and Women with HIV Disease Aug-04
04-R053 Managed Care and Preventable Hospitalization Among Medicaid Adults Jul-04
04-R052 First, Do No Harm: Avoiding the Near Misses Jul-04
04-R051 Provider Competition and Health Care Quality: Challenges and Opportunities for Research Jul-04
04-R050 HIV Patients in the HCUP Database: A Study of Hospital Utilization and Costs Jul-04
04-R049 Tax Incidence and Net Benefits in the Market for Employment-Related Insurance: Sensitivity of Estimates to the Incidence of Employer Costs Jul-04
04-R048 First, Do No Harm: Are You Tired? Jun-04
04-R047 Pediatric Patient Safety in Hospitals: A National Picture in 2000 Jun-04
04-R046 Dental Insurance Visits and Expenditures Among Older Adults Jun-04
04-R045 Outcomes Research - Priorities For An Evolving Field May-04
04-R044 A Wake-Up Call To Advance Women's Health May-04
04-R043 Hispanic Healthcare Disparities: Challenging the Myth of a Monolithic Hispanic Population Apr-04
04-R042 Health Care for Children and Youth in the United States: 2002 Report on Trends in Access, Utilization, Quality, and Expenditures Apr-04
04-R041 Assessing the Nation's Progress Toward Elimination of Disparities in Health Care Apr-04
04-R040 Predicting EuroQoL EQ-5D Preference Scores from the SF-12 Health Survey in a Nationally Representative Sample Apr-04
04-R039 Home Care Before and After the Balanced Budget Act of 1997: Shifts in Financing and Services Apr-04
04-R038 The Effects of HMO Penetration on Preventable Hospitalizations Mar-04
04-R037 Clinical Practice Guidelines and Performance Indicators as Related-But Often Misunderstood-Tools Mar-04
04-R036 Hindsight Bias, Outcome Knowledge and Adaptive Learning Mar-04
04-R035 Administrative Data Based Patient Safety Research: A Critical Review Mar-04
04-R034 Patient Safety: Research Methods for a New Field/Organizing Patient Safety Research to Identify Risks and Hazards Mar-04
04-R033 Do Consumer-Directed Health Benefits Favor the Young and Healthy? Feb-04
04-R032 The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Activities in Patient Safety Research Feb-04
04-R031 Pediatric Patient Safety in the Ambulatory Setting Feb-04
04-R030 How Has Small Group Market Reform Affected Employee Health Insurance Coverage? Feb-04
04-R029 The Roles of Government in Improving Health Care Quality and Safety Feb-04
04-R028 Limits to the Safety Net: Teaching Hospital Faculty Report on their Patients' Access to Care Feb-04
04-R027 Subclinical Thyroid Disease-Scientific Review and Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management Jan-04
04-R026 Measuring the Quality of Children's Health Care: A Prerequisite to Action Jan-04
04-R025 Quality Measures for Children's Health Care Jan-04
04-R024 Exploring Residency Match Violations in Family Practice Jan-04
04-R023 Trends in Nursing Home Expenses, 1987 and 1996 Jan-04
04-R022 African American Church Participation and Health Care Practices Dec-03
04-R021 Emergency Department Crowding: Consensus Development of Potential Measures Dec-03
04-R020 Improving Women's Quality of Care for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: The Feasibility and Desirability of Stratified Reporting of Objective Performance Measures Dec-03
04-R019 Effects of Facility Characteristics on Departures from Assisted Living: Results from a National Study Dec-03
04-R018 Is Outpatient Care Associated with Lower use of Inpatient and Emergency Care? An Analysis of Persons with HIV Disease Dec-03
04-R017 Children with Special Health Care Needs Enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP): Patient Characteristics and Health Care Needs Dec-03
04-R016 The Role of Race and Ethnicity in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in Four States: Are There Baseline Disparities, and What Do They Mean for SCHIP? Dec-03
04-R015 Who's Enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)? An Overview of Findings from the Child Health Insurance Research Initiative (CHIRI) Dec-03
04-R014 The Effect of HMO Competition on Gatekeeping, Usual Source of Care, and Evaluations of Physician Thoroughness Dec-03
04-R013 Researching Disparities: Strategies for Primary Data Collection Nov-03
04-R012 Research Into Practice III: Doctor Performance and Public Accountability Nov-03
04-R011 AHRQ Update: Strengthening the Health Services Research to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Nov-03
04-R010 Insurance Status of HIV-infected Adults in the Post-Haart Era: Evidence from the United States Nov-03
04-R009 Patterns of Coping Among Persons With HIV Infection: Configurations, Correlates, and Change Oct-03
04-R008 Recent Trends in HIV-Related Inpatient Admissions 1996-2000—A 7-State Study Oct-03
04-R007 Standardized Reporting of Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Proposal from the Conference on Guideline Standardization Oct-03
04-R006 Practical Clinical Trials - Increasing the Value of Clinical Research for Decision Making in Clinical and Health Policy Oct-03
04-R005 A Medicaid Population's Use of Physicians' Offices for Dental Problems Oct-03
04-R004 The Diverse Older HIV-Positive Population: A National Profile of Economic Circumstances, Social Support, and Quality of Life Nov-03
04-R003 The Effectiveness of a Community/Academic Health Center Partnership in Decreasing the Level of Blood Pressure in an Urban African-American Population Oct-03
04-R002 Kawasaki Syndrome Hospitalizations in the United States, 1997 and 2000 Oct-03
04-R001 Excess Length of Stay, Charges, and Mortality Attributable to Medical Injuries During Hospitalization Oct-03


Publication No. Title Date
03-R066 Variation in Preventive Service Use Among the Insured and Uninsured: Does Length of Time Without Coverage Matter? Oct-03
03-R065 AHRQ: A Tradition of Evidence Oct-03
03-R064 Model-Based Sampling for Persons with High Health Expenditures: Evaluating Accuracy and Yield with the 1997 MEPS Oct-03
03-R063 Variation in Racial and Ethnic Differences in Consumer Assessments of Health Care Oct-03
03-R062 Rising Health Care Expenditures and the Employment of People with High-Cost Chronic Conditions Oct-03
03-R061 The ABC's of Childrens Health Care: How the Medicaid Access, Burdens, and Coverage between 1987 and 1966 Sep-03
03-R060 Workers' Decisions to Take-Up Offered Health Insurance Coverage: Assessing the Importance of Out-of-Pocket Premium Costs Sep-03
03-R059 Regression-based Sampling for Persons with High health Expenditures: Evaluating Accuracy and Yield with the 1997 MEPS Sep-03
03-R058 Persistence in Health Expenditures in the Short Run: Prevalence and Consequences Aug-03
03-R057 Rural-Urban Differences in Usual Source of Care and Ambulatory Service Use Aug-03
03-R056 Demographic Variation in SF-12 Scores: True Differences or Differential Item Functioning? Aug-03
03-R055 Has the Increase in HMO Enrollment with the Medicaid Population Changed the Pattern of Health Service Use and Expenditures? Aug-03
03-R054 Health Care Expenditure Burdens Among Elderly Adults: 1987 and 1996 Aug-03
03-R053 Design Strategies and Innovations in the MEPS Aug-03
03-R052 Foreword (Editorial) Aug-03
03-R051 Systematic Screening of Secondary Diagnoses in Medicare Administrative Data to Identify Candidate Risk Factors for the Principal Diagnosis Aug-03
03-R050 Psychiatric Symptoms, Impaired Function, and Medical Care Costs in an HMO Setting Jul-03
03-R049 Significance of Functional Status Data for Payment and Quality Jul-03
03-R048 Nursing the AHRQ: An Agenda Jul-03
03-R047 A Framework and Action Agenda for Quality Improvement in Rural Health Care Jul-03
03-R046 Use of Alternative Therapists Among People in Care for HIV in the US Jul-03
03-R045 Back to the Future Jul-03
03-R044 Use of Information Technology to Improve the Quality of Health Care in the US Jul-03
03-R043 Health Services Research: From Galvanizing Attention to Creating Action Jun-03
03-R042 Patient Safety Events During Pediatric Hospitalization Jun-03
03-R041 Quality Improvement: Getting to How May-03
03-R040 SSI Enrollees' Health Care in TennCare May-03
03-R039 Process Utility for Imaging in Cerebrovascular Disease May-03
03-R038 Predictors and Outcomes of Frequent Emergency Department Users May-03
03-R037 Multiple Hospitalizations for Patients with Diabetes May-03
03-R036 Quality Report Cards and Nursing Home Quality May-03
03-R035 Develop of a Risk-Adjusted Urinary Incontinence Outcome Measure of Quality of Nursing Homes May-03
03-R034 Hyperbaric Oxygen for Treating Wounds Apr-03
03-R033 International Medical Graduates and the Primary Care Workforce for Rural Underserved Areas Apr-03
03-R032 A Systematic Review of Pneumatic Compression for Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Venous Ulcers Apr-03
03-R031 Employer Offers, Private Coverage, and the Tax Subsidy for Health Insurance: 1987-1996 Mar-03
03-R030 A Call to Excellence: How the Federal Government's Health Agencies are Responding to the Call for Improved Patient Safety and Accountability in Medicine Mar-03
03-R029 Spending and Service Use Among People with the Fifteen Most Costly Medical Conditions, 1997 Mar-03
03-R028 Pathways to Access: Health Insurance, the Health Care Delivery System and Racial/Ethnic Dispar Mar-03
03-R027 A National Profile of Patient Safety in US Hospitals Mar-03
03-R026 Volume Thresholds and Hospital Characteristics in the US Mar-03
03-R025 Hospitalization for Firearm-Related Injuries in the US, 1997 Mar-03
03-R024 An Analysis of Oral Surgical Dental Visits by Provider Type, 1996 Mar-03
03-R023 Federal Initiatives: The AHRQ Supports an Array of IT Initiatives to Improve Healthcare Quality Mar-03
03-R022 Individual and Contextual Risks of Death Among Race and Ethnic Groups in the US Feb-03
03-R021 Ambulatory Patient Safety: What We Know and Need To Know Feb-03
03-R020 Measuring Ambulatory Health Care Use in the US: A Comparison of 1996 Estimates Across Four Federal Surveys Feb-03
03-R019 Things My Data Never Told Me Feb-03
03-R018 Outcomes Research in Pediatric Settings: Recent Trends and Future Directions Feb-03
03-R017 Understanding the Seasonal Pattern of Childhood Asthma: Results from the NCICAS Feb-03
03-R016 Medicare Quality Improvement: Bad Apples or Bad Systems? Feb-03
03-R015 Health Care for Children and Youth in the US: 2001 Annual Report on Access, Utilization, Quality and Expenditures Jan-03
03-R014 Primary Care, HMO Enrollment and Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Jan-03
03-R013 Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERTs) Dec-02
03-R012 Plan Characteristics and SSI Enrollees' Access To and Quality of Care in Four TennCare MCOs Dec-02
03-R011 Crossing the Quality Chasm in Emergency Medicine Dec-02
03-R010 Measuring the Quality of Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Programs Dec-02
03-R009 Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Dec-02
03-R008 Private Dental Coverage. Who Has It and How Does It Influence Dental Visits and Expenditures? Nov-02
03-R007 Latino Adults' Health Insurance Coverage: An Examination of Mexican and Puerto Rican Subgroup Differences Nov-02
03-R006 The Cost-Effectiveness of an Inner-City Asthma Intervention for Children Nov-02
03-R005 When is "Good Enough"? The Role and Responsibility of Physicians to Improve Patient Safety Nov-02
03-R004 The Impact of Endometrial Ablation on Hysterectomy Rates in Women with Benign Uterine Conditions in the US Nov-02
03-R003 Outcomes and Effectiveness Research: Capacity Building for Nurse Researchers at the AHRQ Oct-02
03-R002 Principles of Preventive Care Oct-02
03-R001 Impact of Differential Item Functioning on Age and Gender Differences in Functional Disability Oct-02

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