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Agency for Healthcare Research Quality

AHRQ Annual Report on Research and Management

Fiscal Year 2003

The Accountability Report for fiscal year (FY) 2003 for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) describes its key program and financial management activities and highlights its accomplishments.

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Message from the Director
Message from the Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Part 1. AHRQ Activities and Accomplishments, FY 2003

Chapter 1. Health Care in America
   AHRQ: Working to Improve Health Care in America
   Role and Mission of AHRQ
   AHRQ's Customers
Chapter 2. AHRQ's Research Portfolio
   Opportunities for Research
   Building the Research Infrastructure
   Investments in Training
Chapter 3. From Research to Results
   Partnerships and Coordination
   Translating Research Into Practice
   Improving Primary Care through Practice-Based Research Networks
   Fast-Track Research Through Integrated Systems
   Partnerships for Quality
   Monitoring the Nation's Health Care Safety Net
Chapter 4. Areas of Special Interest
   Research on Bioterrorism
   HIV/AIDS in the United States
   AHRQ's HIV/AIDS Research Agenda
   Promoting Evidence-Based State and Local Health Policymaking
   National Reports on Health Care Quality and Disparities
Chapter 5. Research on Health Care for Priority Populations
   Health Care for Minorities, Women, and Children
   Minority Health
   Women's Health
   Children's Health
Chapter 6. AHRQ Program Objectives
   Goal 1. Safety and Quality
   Goal 2. Effectiveness
   Goal 3. Efficiency
Chapter 7. Strategic Goals and Performance Planning at AHRQ
   A Road Map for AHRQ's Activities
   Program Performance Overview

Part 2. Financial Management

AHRQ's Financial Performance, FY 2003
   Overview of Financial Performance
   Analysis of Financial Statements
   How AHRQ's PHS Evaluation Funds Are Reflected in the Financial Statements
   Consolidated Statement of Net Cost
   Other Performance Issues
Financial Statements
   Consolidated Balance Sheet
   Consolidated Statement of Net Cost
   Consolidated Statement of Changes in Net Position
   Statement of Budgetary Resources
   Combined Statement of Financing
Notes to Financial Statements
   Note 1. Significant Accounting Policies
   Note 2. Fund Balance with Treasury
   Note 3. Accounts Receivable, Net
   Note 4. General Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net
   Note 5. Accrued Grant Liability
   Note 6. Other Liabilities
   Note 7. Obligations Related to Cancelled Appropriations

AHRQ Publication No. 04-0054
Current as of August 2004

Internet Citation:

AHRQ Annual Report on Research and Financial Management, FY 2003. August 2004, AHRQ Publication No. 04-0054. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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