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Articles of Interest

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Articles of Interest is a weekly compilation of articles appearing in recently released journals and newsletters. It includes:

  • Articles funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) or authored by AHRQ researchers.
  • Articles mentioning or discussing AHRQ staff, activities, and publications/products.
  • Articles related to AHRQ-funded Evidence-based Practice Centers.
  • Articles related to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force or Put Prevention into Practice program.
  • Articles mentioning the National Healthcare Disparities Report and National Healthcare Quality Report.
  • Other research using AHRQ data or products.

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Date Top Item
9/5/08 Whistleblower-initiated Enforcement Actions against Health Care Fraud and Abuse in the United States, 1996 to 2005
8/29/08 Medicare HMO Impact on Utilization at the End of Life
8/22/08 Blood Glucose Variability Is Associated with Mortality in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
8/15/08 Development and Validation of a Taxonomy of Defects
8/8/08 Racial Differences in Competing Risks of Mortality and ESRD after Acute Myocardial Infarction
8/1/08 Medicare Inpatient Treatment for Elderly Non-dementia Psychiatric Illnesses 1992-2002
7/25/08 Phosphate Levels and Blood Pressure in Incident Hemodialysis Patients: A Longitudinal Study
7/18/08 Diagnosis and Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease in Diverse Populations
6/27/08 Alcohol Misuse and Report of Recent Depressive Symptoms among ED Patients
6/20/08 Male Reproductive Proteins and Reproductive Outcomes
6/13/08 A Trauma Mortality Prediction Model Based on the Anatomic Injury Scale
6/6/08 Intimate Partner Violence among Men: Prevalence, Chronicity, and Health Effects
5/30/08 Education Is Associated with Physical Activity among American Indian Elders
5/23/08 Out-of-pocket and Total Cost of Fixed-dose Combination Antihypertensive and their Components
5/16/08 Accuracy of Short-interval Follow-up Mammograms by Patient and Radiologist Characteristics
5/9/08 Does Participation in the Food Stamp Program Increase the Prevalence of Obesity and Health Care Spending?
5/2/08 Assessment of the Scientific Soundness of Clinical Performance Measures: A Field Test of the National Committee for Quality Assurances Colorectal Cancer Screening Measure
4/25/08 Rhythm Versus Rate Control in the Contemporary Management of Atrial Fibrillation In-hospital
4/18/08 Association between Cancer Risk Perception and Screening Behavior among Diverse Women
4/11/08 Trends in Charges and Payments for Nonhospitalized Emergency Department Pediatric Visits, 1996-2003
4/4/08 The Effect of High Nursing Surveillance on Hospital Cost
3/28/08 Medicare Inpatient Treatment for Elderly Non-dementia Psychiatric Illnesses, 1992-2002
3/21/08 Medicare's Quality Improvement Organization Program: Maximizing Potential
3/14/08 The Quality of Care Received by HIV Patients Without a Primary Provider
3/7/08 Hospital and Demographic Influences on the Disposition of Transient Ischemic Attack
2/29/08 Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Pediatric Bloodstream Infections because of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella Species
2/22/08 Rapid Progression among HIV/Hepatitis C Virus-co-infected Adults
2/15/08 A Geospatial Analysis of Emergency Transport and Inter-hospital Transfer in ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction
2/8/08 Intimate Partner Violence, Depression, and PTSD among Pregnant Latina Women
2/1/08 Planning for Pharmacy Health Information Technology in Critical Access Hospitals
1/28/08 Associations between Housing Instability and Food Insecurity with Health Care Access in Low-income Children
1/25/08 Hospital Discharge against Advice after Myocardial Infarction: Deaths and Readmissions
1/18/08 Designing for Safety: Evidence-based Design and Hospitals
1/4/08 What Constitutes Maintenance Asthma Care? The Pediatrician's Perspective


Date Top Item
12/28/07 Elucidating the Relationship Between Negative Affectivity and Symptoms: The Role of Illness-specific Affective Responses
12/21/07 Executive Summary: Knowledge Translation in Emergency Medicine: Establishing a Research Agenda and Guide Map for Evidence Uptake
12/14/07 Is Parental Aggravation Associated with Childhood Overweight? An Analysis of the National Survey of Children's Health 2003
12/7/07 Developing Guidelines in Musculoskeletal Disorders
11/30/07 Evidence-based Practice: AHRQ's Role in Generating and Disseminating Knowledge
11/23/07 Outpatient Use of Anticoagulants, Rate-controlling Drugs, and Antiarrhythmic Drugs for Atrial Fibrillation
11/16/07 Is Power Everything? What Can We Learn from Large Data Sets?
11/9/07 Predictors of AIDS-related Morbidity and Mortality in a Southern U.S. Cohort
11/2/07 Characterizing Emergency Department Discussions About Depression
10/26/07 The Native Telehealth Outreach and Technical Assistance Program: A Community-based Approach to the Development of Multimedia-focused Health Care Information
10/19/07 Factors Contributing to Maternal Birth-related Trauma
10/12/07 Medication Errors Among Acutely Ill and Injured Children Treated in Rural Emergency Departments
10/5/07 Adverse Drug Events in Pediatric Outpatients
9/28/07 Making the Connection; the Importance of Engagement and Retention in HIV Medical Care
9/21/07 Integrating Literacy, Culture, and Language To Improve Health Care Quality for Diverse Populations
9/14/07 Connexin37 (GJA4) Genotype Predicts Survival After an Acute Coronary Syndrome
9/7/07 Interval and Clinical Cohort Studies: Epidemiological Issues
8/31/07 Does Simulation Iimprove Patient Safety?
8/24/07 Repeated Hospitalizations Predict Mortality in the Community Population with Heart Failure
8/17/07 Comparative Effectiveness of Beta-adrenergic Antagonists on the Risk of Rehospitalization in Adults with Heart Failure
8/10/07 Are Some Screening Tests Doing More Harm Than Good?
8/3/07 National Study of the Relation of Primary Care Shortages to Emergency Department Utilization
7/27/07 Impact of Hospital Formularies on Fluoroquinolone Prescribing in Emergency Departments
7/20/07 Vital-sign Abnormalities As Predictors of Pneumonia in Adults with Acute Cough Illness
7/13/07 Electronic Health Record Use and the Quality of Ambulatory Care in the United States
7/6/07 Acanthosis Nigerians and Diabetes Risk Factors
6/29/07 Urine Cytology Discrepancies: Frequency, Causes, and Outcomes
6/22/07 Does Concordance Between Data Sources Vary by Medical Organization Type?
6/15/07 Discharge Dilemmas as System Failures
6/8/07 Perceived Racial Discrimination and Nonadherence to Screening Mammography Guidelines: Results from the Race Differences in the Screening Mammography Process Study
6/1/07 Performance Measures Have a Major Effect on Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Review
5/25/07 Medication Beliefs as Mediators of the Health Literacy/Antiretroviral Adherence Relationship in HIV-infected Individuals
5/18/07 Revised Pediatric Emergency Assessment Tool (RePEAT): A Severity Index for Pediatric Emergency Care
5/11/07 TeamSTEPPS: Assuring Optimal Teamwork in Clinical Settings
5/4/07 Ethics Consultation in United States Hospitals: A National Survey
4/27/07 The Landscape of the AHRQ Health Information Technology Portfolio
4/20/07 Maternal and Obstetric Complications of Pregnancy Are Associated With Increasing Gestational Age at Term
4/13/07 Obesity Counseling and Guidelines in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study
4/6/07 Limited Effectiveness of Antiviral Treatment for Hepatitis C in an Urban HIV Clinic
3/30/07 Perceived Racial Discrimination and Nonadherence to Screening Mammography Guidelines: Results from the Race Differences in the Screening Mammography Process Study
3/23/07 Measuring Children's Health Care Quality
3/16/07 Advances in Bariatric Surgery for Obesity: Laparoscopic Surgery
3/9/07 Blood, Omega-3 and Trans-fatty Acids in Middle-aged Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
3/2/07 Academic Health Center Management of Chronic Diseases through Knowledge Networks: Project ECHO
2/23/07 Data Quality in the Outpatient Setting: Impact on Clinical Decision Support Systems
2/16/07 Association of Comorbidity with Physical Disability in Older HIV-infected Adults
2/9/07 Influence of Provider and Practice Characteristics on Melanoma Care
2/2/07 Improved Health Care Among Children with Special Health Care Needs after Enrollment into the State Children's Health Insurance Program
1/19/07 Assessment of a Physician Response to Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients Presenting with an Acute Coronary Syndrome
1/12/07 A Comparison of Outcomes Resulting from Generalist vs. Specialist Care for a Single Discrete Medical Condition
1/5/07 Trends in Postoperative Length of Stay After Bypass Surgery

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Date Top Item
12/29/06 Duration of Outpatient Fecal Colonization Due to Escherichia Coli Isolates with Decreased Susceptibility to fluoroquinolones
12/15/06 Developing Models for Patient Flow and Daily Surge Capacity Research
12/8/06 Patient Safety in the Clinical Laboratory: A Longitudinal Analysis of Specimen Identification Errors
12/1/06 The Science of Surge
11/24/06 Health Behavior Goals of Cardiac Patients after Hospitalization
11/17/06 Infants at Risk: When Nurse Fatigue Jeopardizes Quality Care
11/10/06 Hospital Disaster Preparedness in Los Angeles County
11/03/06 Effectiveness of Toyota Process Redesign in Reducing Thyroid Gland Fine-needle Aspiration Error
10/27/06 How Many Attempts Are Required To Accomplish Out-of-hospital Endotracheal Intubation?
10/13/06 Presence of Numerous Stop Codons in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Proviral DNA Sequences from Patients with Virological Response to HAART
10/06/06 Veterans Affairs Primary Care Organizational Characteristics Associated with Better Diabetes Control
9/29/06 Physicians' Views of Interventions To Reduce Medical Errors: Does Evidence of Effectiveness Matter?
9/22/06 Facilitators and Barriers to 10 National Quality Forum Safe Practices
9/15/06 Recent Trends in Stimulant Medication Use Among U.S. Children
9/8/06 Patient Concerns about Medical Errors in Emergency Departments
9/1/06 Does the Content of Primary Care Visits Differ by the Racial Composition of Physicians' Practices?
8/25/06 Triage and Diagnosis of Chest Pain in Rural Hospitals: Implementation of the ACI-TIPI in the High Plains Research Network
8/18/06 Characteristics of Motorcycle-related Hospitalization: Comparing States with Different Helmet Laws
8/11/06 Risk Factors for Deaths Occurring Within 30 Days and 1 Year After Hospital Discharge for Cardiac Surgery Among Pediatric Patients
3/10/06 Recursive Partitioning-based Preoperative Risk Stratification for Atrial Fibrillation after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
3/3/06 Effects of Critical Care Nurses' Work Hours on Vigilance and Patients' Safety
2/24/06 Potential Benefits and Problems with Computerized Prescriber Order Entry: Analysis of a Voluntary Medication Error-reporting Database
2/17/06 Use of Dialysis Educators Beyond Nurses and Physicians and Outcomes in Patients with Kidney Failure
2/10/06 Influenza Vaccination among Children with Asthma in Medicaid Managed Care
2/3/06 Physician Conceptions of Responsibility to Individual Patients and Distributive Justice in Health Care
1/27/06 Employer Coverage of Clinical Preventive Services in the United States
1/20/06 An Operational Definition of Frailty Predicted Death, Hip Fracture, and Hospitalization in Older Women
1/13/06 The Association of Partner Abuse with Risky Sexual Behaviors among Women and Men with HIV/AIDS
1/6/06 Morbidity and Mortality Online Forum: the AHRQ Examines, Updates Cases Involving Error

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Date Top Item
12/30/05 Impact of Reduced Duty Hours on Residents Educational Satisfaction at the University of California, San Francisco
12/23/05 The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Effective Health Care Program
12/16/05 The Effects of Work-hour Limitations on Resident Well-being, Patient Care, and Education in an Internal Medicine Residency Program
12/9/05 Mortality Among Very Low-birthweight Infants in Hospitals Serving Minority Populations
12/2/05 Using the PRACTICE Mnemonic To Apply Cultural Competency to Genetics in Medical Education and Patient Care
11/18/05 Quality of HIV Care Provided by Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians
11/11/05 Seat Position and the Risk of Serious Thoracoabdominal Injury in Lateral Motor Vehicle Crashes
10/28/05 Delay in Time to Receipt of Thrombolytic Medication among Medicare Patients with Kidney Disease
10/21/05 Impact of the University of California, Los Angeles/Charles R. Drew University Medical Education Program on Medical Students' Intentions To Practice in Underserved Areas
10/14/05 Lessons Learned from a Regional Strategy for Resource Allocation
10/7/05 Relationship between Performance Measurement and Accreditation: Implications for Quality of Care and Patient Safety
9/30/05 Burden of Illness for Children and Where We Stand in Measuring the Quality of this Health Care
9/23/05 Antibiotic Treatment of Acne May Be Associated with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
9/16/05 Health-related Quality of Life Among Adults with Diabetes
9/9/05 Cervical Cancer after Multiple Negative Cytologic Tests in Long-term Members of a Prepaid Health Plan
9/2/05 Consistent Estimation of Censored Demand Systems Using Panel Data
8/26/05 Relation of Anemia at Discharge to Survival after Acute Coronary Syndromes
8/19/05 Frequency of Undiagnosed Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
8/12/05 Prospective Validation of an Out-of-hospital Decision Rule to Identify Seriously Injured Children Involved in Motor Vehicle Crashes
8/5/05 Comparing the Risk for Death with Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis in a National Cohort of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
7/29/05 The Quality Challenge
4/22/05 Hepatic Steatosis and Antiretroviral Drug Use among Adults Coinfected with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus
4/15/05 Use of Psychotherapy for Depression in Older Adults
4/8/05 Caring for the Underserved: Using Patient and Physician Focus Groups to Inform Curriculum Development
3/25/05 Missed Hypothyroidism Diagnosis Uncovered by Linking Laboratory and Pharmacy Data
1/28/05 Abuse in the Close Relationships of People with HIV
1/14/05 Balancing Continuity of Care with Residents Limited Work Hours

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