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The AHRQ Electronic Newsletter is issued periodically and summarizes Agency research and programmatic activities.

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Date   Top Story
10/10/08 Patient Safety Organization Interim Guidance Now Available Through AHRQ
9/23/08 Modified Insulin Most Effective for Controlling Post-Meal Blood Sugar Levels
8/28/08 New AHRQ Tool Helps Hospitals Evaluate Disaster Drills
8/8/08 Task Force Says Men over the Age of 75 and Older Should Not Be Screened for Prostate Cancer
7/21/08 AHRQ and AARP Team to Help Adults Over 50 Stay Healthy
6/23/08 New Spanish-Language Consumer Guide Compares Oral Diabetes Medications
6/16/08 AHRQ Director Testifies on Draft Health Information Technology (Health IT) Legislation
5/28/08 AHRQ Announces Guide to Help Patients on Coumadin®Warfarin Therapy
5/19/08 AHRQ's 2008 Annual Conference: Promoting Quality... Partnering for Change
5/8/08  New Evidence Provides Clinicians with Better Tools to Help Smokers Quit
4/23/08  AHRQ and Ad Council Encourage Men to Take Preventive Steps in their Health Care
4/7/08  AHRQ Data Report Shows Upward Trend for Hospital Patient Safety Culture, Highlights Areas to Focus Improvement
3/27/08  AHRQ's 2007 State Snapshots Provide Broader Portraits of State-by-State Health Care Performance
3/7/08  Modest Health Care Quality Gains Outpaced by Spending
2/27/08  New Study Finds Spinal Cord Injury May Not Increase Risk of Heart Disease
2/20/08  New Patient Safety Proposed Regulation Aims to Improve Health Care Quality and Patient Safety
2/5/08  HHS Secretary Awards Health Leaders with Special Distinction for Improving Quality and Value of Health Care
1/22/08  AHRQ Releases Consumer Financial Incentives Guide for Employers and Other Health Care Purchasers
1/7/08  Blacks, Hispanics, and Other Groups Less Likely to Get Strong Pain Medications in Hospital Emergency Departments

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12/17/07  Many Osteoporosis Medications Prevent Fractures, but None Is Proven Best
11/14/07  AHRQ Director Testifies on Agency's Role in Health IT and Improving Quality of Care for Underserved Populations
10/31/07  New AHRQ Tools Help Pharmacies Better Serve Patients with Low Health Literacy
10/23/07  Many Errors by Medical Residents Caused by Teamwork Breakdowns, Lack of Supervision
10/17/07  New Report Finds Surgery More Likely Than Angioplasty to Relieve Pain for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
10/9/07  HHS Secretary Leavitt Announces Plan at AHRQ's 2007 Annual Conference to Share Medicare Physician Performance Measurement Results Through Local Value Exchanges
9/25/07  New Guide Helps Consumers and Employers Understand Health Insurance
9/17/07  AHRQ and FDA to Collaborate in Largest Study Ever of Possible Heart Risks with ADHD Medications
8/28/07  Executive Order Is Helping "Change the Culture" in Health Care to Achieve Better Quality, Value and Affordability
8/20/07  New Reports Identify State-Level Privacy and Security Solutions for Secure Exchange of Health Information
7/31/07  AHRQ Resources Help Local Communities with Disaster Preparedness Involving Nursing Homes and Hospitals
7/17/07  While Most Diabetes Drugs Provide Similar Glucose Control, Some Offer Important Advantages
6/11/07  AHRQ'S Annual State Snapshots Highlight States' Gains and Lags in Health Care Quality
5/31/07  New Web Tool Provides Samples of Report Cards on Health Care Quality
5/21/07  AHRQ Publishes Landmark Federal Handbook on the Use of Patient Registries
5/14/07  U.S. Health Care Sector Moves Rapidly To Provide Consumer Information on Value
4/30/07  New Questionnaire Can Help Hospitals with Emergency Response Planning
4/23/07  HHS Issues Report to Congress on E-Prescribing
4/13/07  One in Four Hospital Patients Is Admitted with a Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorder
3/30/07  New Checklists Help Men and Women Know Which Medical Tests Are Needed To Stay Healthy at Any Age
3/16/07  AHRQ Study Finds First-Generation Antipsychotics Associated with Increased Mortality Risk in Seniors
3/7/07  Special Edition—AHRQ and Ad Council Encourage Patients to Ask Questions and Get More Involved With Their Health Care
2/16/07  AHRQ's Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request is $329.6 Million
2/2/07  AHRQ Announces New Members of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
1/26/07  AHRQ Study Finds Newer Class of Antidepressants Similar in Effectiveness, But Side Effects Differ
1/19/07  Missed Opportunities: Too Few Americans Being Screened, Counseled to Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Obesity, Other Conditions
1/5/07  AHRQ Study Finds that Adding Lab Data and Refining Secondary Diagnosis Information Improves Measurement of Hospital Quality

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12/22/06  City Versus City: When It Comes to Health Insurance Costs, Geography Matters
12/8/06  AHRQ To Fund Studies on Safety and Quality in Ambulatory Care Settings
11/17/06  AHRQ Director Calls for Achieving Enhanced Quality and Care Through Health IT
10/27/06  AHRQ Launches Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) Tool for Primary Care Clinicians
10/20/06  New Evidence Report Finds Most Genomic Tests to Identify or Treat Ovarian Cancer Have Not Shown Clinical Value
10/2/06  AHRQ Director Participates in Remaking American Medicine™—PBS Series on Health Care
9/22/06  NQF and JCAHO Announce the 2006 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards
9/15/06  New National Study of Medical Interns Finds Majority Exceed Work Hour Limits; A Second Study Finds a Link Between Needle-Stick Injuries and Long Shifts
8/25/06  President Bush Issues Executive Order on Health Care Transparency
8/18/06  New AHRQ Report Finds Anthrax in Children Difficult to Detect and Treat
8/4/06  Obesity Surgery Complication Rates Higher Over Time
7/14/06  New AHRQ Study on Malpractice Damage Awards on Health Care Expenditures
6/30/06  New AHRQ Asthma Care Resource Guide Offers Help To States
6/23/06  AHRQ Director Testifies on Accelerating the Adoption of Health IT
6/9/06  New Study Finds Increased Risk of Birth Defects Related to First Trimester Use of ACE Inhibitors
5/26/06  Study Finds No Clinically Significant Difference in Effectiveness of Drugs for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment
5/19/06  A Special Message from AHRQ Director Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D., on the 200th issue of the Agency's Electronic Newsletter
5/11/06  AHRQ Study Finds Computer Alerts Can Help Reduce Prescribing of Drugs That May Interact with Blood Thinners
4/27/06  New AHRQ Study Shows Medicaid Spending on Outpatient Drugs More Than Doubled in Recent Years
4/21/06  AHRQ Study Finds Wrong-site Surgery Rare and Preventable
4/13/06  AHRQ Releases New Report To Help Providers Adopt Health IT
3/31/06  New Evidence Report, Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request, Is Available
3/17/06  AHRQ Launches New Web-based Tool for States To Measure Quality Performance
3/10/06  AHRQ Listening Sessions on Patient Safety Organizations Set for March 13 and 16
3/1/06  AHRQ's Listening Sessions on Patient Safety Organizations Set for March 8, 13, and 16
2/16/06  AHRQ Launches New "Learning Resources" to Help Providers Adopt Health IT
2/10/06  New AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Review Finds Noninvasive Tests May Miss Breast Cancer
1/27/06  New AHRQ-Funded Study in JAMA Finds Diet High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Unlikely to Reduce Risk of Cancer
1/13/06  AHRQ Issues Third Annual National Reports on Health Care Quality and Disparities
1/4/06  Special Issue: AHRQ Launches New Audio and Video Media Tools

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12/30/05  AHRQ to Release the 2005 National Healthcare Quality Report and National Healthcare Disparities Report at National Leadership Summit on January 9
12/20/05  AHRQ Releases First Comparative Effectiveness Review; Certain Drugs Found as Effective as Surgery for Management of GERD
12/12/05  AHRQ Launches Project to Develop Guide for Patient Registries
11/18/05  AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program Seeking Future Research Topics
11/10/05  AHRQ-Funded Study Finds Continued Antibiotic Overprescribing for Children with Sore Throats
10/28/05  AHRQ Director Carolyn M. Clancy Speaks to AMIA
10/14/05  New Publication Helps Consumers Find Information and Support After a Diagnosis
9/30/05  AHRQ Launches New "Effective Health Care Program" to Compare Medical Treatments and Help Put Proven Treatments into Practice
9/23/05  AHRQ Releases a New Breast Cancer Booklet in Spanish
9/16/05  New Publication Helps Consumers Understand and Get Quality Health Care
9/2/05  Guidance Available from AHRQ To Help Communities Reopen Former Hospitals to Care for Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
8/26/05  AHRQ-Supported Study Finds Medical Disparities Narrowing
8/15/05  AHRQ Issues New Data on the Uninsured
8/2/05  Dr. Clancy Testifies on AHRQ's Health Information Technology Research
7/8/05  Task Force Releases New Recommendations on HIV Screening
7/1/05  Dr. Clancy Testifies on AHRQ's Health Information Technology Research Portfolio
6/24/05  AHRQ Announces First Phase of Reviews Under Its New Research Program on the Effectiveness of Health Care Interventions
6/3/05  AHRQ's Daniel B. Stryer, M.D., 1964-2005
5/27/05  New Web-based Tool Helps Planners Inventory Resources for Public Health Emergencies
5/20/05  AHRQ Director Testifies on HHS Telemedicine Activities
5/13/05  Ambulatory Performance Measures Represent a Major Step in Improving Quality of Health Care
4/29/05  Latest Data Show That Use of Antibiotics to Treat Ear Infections Is Falling
4/14/05  AHRQ Launches New Web Site Designed To Provide Single National Source for Patient Safety Findings and Resources
4/8/05  AHRQ Director Issues Quality Challenge at National Summit
4/1/05  AHRQ Director Issues New Quality Challenge
3/18/05  Study Finds Hospital Leaders Have Serious Reservations About Mandatory Error Reporting
3/11/05  New Study on Computerized Order Entry Finds Flaws that Could Lead to Errors, Points to Opportunities for Improvement
3/4/05  Second National Reports on Quality and Disparities Find Improvements in Health Care Quality, Although Disparities Remain
2/4/05  Task Force Recommends that Male Smokers Between the Ages of 65 and 75 Be Screened for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
1/28/05  New Study Finds Harmful Drug-drug and Drug-disease Interactions Among the Elderly
1/7/05  New AHRQ Diabetes Care Resource Guide Offers Help to States

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12/17/04  List of Priority Conditions for Research under Medicare Modernization Act Released
12/10/04  New Evidence Report on the Safety and Effectiveness of Melatonin Supplements Available
12/3/04  New AHRQ Consumer Tool Puts Quit Plan in a Smoker's Hands
11/12/04  New Survey Helps Hospitals Measure and Improve Patient Safety Culture
10/29/04  Limiting Medical Interns' Work Hours Can Reduce Serious Medical Errors In ICUs
10/22/04  AHRQ's Carolyn Clancy Participates in eHealth Initiative's Health Information Technology Summit
10/15/04  HHS Awards $139 Million to Drive Adoption of Health Information Technology
10/8/04  HHS Partners with Discovery Networks, U.S., and Clinician Groups on New Tools To Help Combat Childhood Obesity
9/24/04  New Guide Helps Communities Prepare for Vaccine and Drug Dispensing in the Event of Bioterrorism or Other Public Health Emergency
9/17/04  Many Chronically Ill Patients Don't Tell Their Doctors That They Limit Use of Prescription Drugs Because of Cost
9/10/04  Oral Erythromycin Combined With a Number of Commonly Used Drugs May Increase the Risk of Sudden Death From Cardiac Causes
8/20/04  AHRQ Seeks Volunteer Sites to Test Ambulatory CAHPS® (ACAHPS®)
8/6/04  Coming Soon—New AHRQ Patient Safety E-newsletter
7/30/04  New AHRQ Bioterrorism Preparedness Tool Available
7/23/04  Secretary Announces New Health Information Technology Framework
7/19/04  AHRQ and the Federal Trade Commission Collaborate on Articles in the International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics
7/9/04  New AHRQ Evidence Report Summary on Celiac Disease Available
6/25/04  New Evidence Report on Pharmacological Treatment of Dementia Available
6/18/04  AHRQ Makes Access to Hospital Data Easier
6/10/04  Children Frequently Experience Medical Injuries in Hospitals
5/28/04  Task Force Recommends Vision Screening for Children Younger than 5 Years Old
5/21/04  New AHRQ Tool Helps Hospitals With Emergency Management Plans
5/7/04  New AHRQ Report Says Better Coordination of Resources Along Regional Lines Is Essential to Bioterrorism Preparedness
4/30/04  New AHRQ Tool for PDAs Helps Clinicians Select Preventive Services By Age and Gender
4/23/04  HHS Town Hall Meeting on Priorities for Research Under Medicare Modernization Act Set for May 21
4/16/04  HHS Solicits Input on Priorities for Research Under Medicare Modernization Act
4/8/04  Press Briefing to Release Two New Health Literacy Reports
3/26/04  AHRQ-Funded Study Indicates that Hysterectomy Leads to Better Outcomes and Greater Patient Satisfaction than Medicine for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
3/19/04  AHRQ Director Testifies Before Ways and Means Subcommittee on HHS Quality Issues
3/12/04  AHRQ Director Outlines Budget Priorities for Patient Safety, Health Information Technology
3/5/04  AHRQ Releases New Tool for PDAs to Help Clinicians Treat Community-Acquired Pneumonia
2/27/04  AHRQ Director to Testify Before House Appropriations Subcommittee on FY '05 Budget Request
2/20/04  Treadmill Testing, EKG, and CT Scans Not Recommended for Screening Patients at Low Risk for Heart Disease
2/6/04  AHRQ's FY 2005 Budget Proposal Set at $304 Million
1/23/04  New Data Available That Show a Relationship Between Diabetes, Obesity, and Chronic Disease
1/16/04  AHRQ Announces New Chair and Members of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
1/9/04  Reminder: Letters of Intent Due February 6 for Three New RFAs on Health Information Technology

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