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AHRQ News and Numbers provides statistical highlights on the use and cost of health services and health insurance in the United States. The statistics are drawn from AHRQ's three principal data programs:

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Date Title
10/30/08 One in Five Hospital Admissions are for Patients with Mental Disorders
10/23/08 Hospital Discharges to Home Health, Nursing Homes Increasing
10/15/08 One in 10 Adults Treated for Arthritis
10/8/08 Hispanics Hospitalized at Higher Rates for Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations than Whites
9/24/2008 More U.S. Kids Getting Government Dental Insurance
9/17/2008 Patients' Hospital Bills Jumped $70 Billion in Just One Year
9/3/2008 Hospitalizations for Osteoarthritis Rising Sharply
8/27/2008 Hospital Cost Increases Appear To Be Slowing
8/20/2008 Workers at Small Companies Less Likely to Kick In Cash for Health Coverage
8/14/2008 Children Hospitalized Less Often for Asthma but More Have the Disease
8/7/2008 Health Insurance Premiums Have More Than Doubled Since 1996
7/30/2008 Rare Forms of Meningitis More Deadly Than Viral Meningitis
7/24/2008 Antidepressant Prescriptions Climb by 16 Million
7/16/2008 Hospitalizations Soar for Kids with Skin Infections
7/9/2008 Thousands Struck Down by Summer Heat, Most Are Poor
7/2/2008 Pneumonia Most Common Reason for Hospitalization
6/25/2008 Spending on Cholesterol Reducing Statins More Than Doubles in Just 5 Years
6/18/2008 Asthma Rates Soaring Among Adult Hospital Patients
6/11/2008 Treatment Costs Nearly Double For Hay Fever and Other Allergies
6/4/2008 Asian-Pacific Islanders Most Likely To Die From Serious, but Treatable, Hospital Complications
5/28/2008 Most American Adults Have at Least One Chronic Medical Condition
5/22/2008 Hospital Emergency Departments Treat Mostly Poor Children
5/14/2008 Only About 1 in 10 Adult Americans Have all the Skills Needed to Manage Their Health
5/9/2008 Hospitalizations for Ischemic Stroke Drop by One Third
4/30/2008 One in Four Disabled Seniors Use Risky or Ineffective Medicines
4/23/2008 Potentially Deadly Infection Doubles Among Hospital Patients Over Last 5 Years
4/17/2008 Premiums Rise 18 Percent For Non-Employer Health Insurance
4/9/2008 More than 200 Abused Children Under 5 Died in U.S. Hospitals in 2005
4/2/2008 Untreated Cavities 5 Times More Likely in Kids from Low-Income Communities than High-Income Ones
3/26/2008 Problems with English Help Block Many Hispanics from Medical Care
3/21/2008 Diabetes-Related Amputations Increase for Hispanics
3/13/2008 Hospital Treatment Costs for Violence Top $2 Billion Annually
3/6/2008 Mental Health Woes Remain One of the Top Reasons for Doctor Visits
2/27/2008 Chest Pain a Leading Reason for Hospital Emergency Department Visits
2/21/2008 More Consumers Buying Medicines by Mail
2/14/2008 Nearly 1 in 3 Women Have Babies by C-Section
2/6/2008 Diabetes, Cholesterol, Anti-Obesity Drugs Top Spending
1/30/2008 Epilepsy Hospitalizations Rise After 8-Year Decline
1/23/2008 Big Money: Cost of 10 Most Expensive Health Conditions Near $500 Billion
1/16/2008 Circumcision Rates Highest In Midwest, Lowest in West
1/9/2008 Shingles Sends Nearly 1 Million Americans to the Doctor
1/2/2008 Hospitalizations for Problems Caused by Severe Acid Reflux Increase By 103 Percent

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