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AHRQ Quality Indicators Learning Institute

Purpose of the Learning Institute

The purpose of the Quality Indicators (QIs) Learning Institute is to provide a forum for discussing and facilitating the use of the AHRQ Quality Indicators (QIs) in statewide and regional programs that report hospital quality measures to the public.

About the QI Learning Institute

AHRQ established the QI Learning Institute in response to QI Users' requests for a forum where they could discuss how best to use the QIs for public reporting. It officially launched in October 2008 and will run through June 2009.

The Learning Institute will provide members with a variety of resources, including a series of monthly Webinars designed to guide development of a public reporting program. It also will include an ongoing Web-based forum where members can discuss related topics with other participants and QI experts. The atmosphere is highly collaborative, and emphasizes the sharing of questions, resources, and information on promising practices.

Disclaimer and Constraints: The intent of the AHRQ Quality Indicators Learning Institute is to promote open discussions and interactions among program leaders, policymakers, researchers, and other experts involved in developing public reporting systems. Participants may not sell or solicit commercial products or services during these AHRQ-sponsored learning sessions.

Target Audience

Those eligible for membership include leaders (or their representatives) from State agencies/task forces, State hospital associations and/or coalitions that are directly involved with developing public reporting programs. The QI Learning Institute aims to help those responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the programs.

Membership Information

Although the Learning Institute is already underway, it is still open to those meeting the target audience criteria. If you have interest in learning more about becoming a member, please E-mail

Public Reporting Resources

AHRQ has hosted two open Webinars to introduce potential participants to the QI Learning Institute.

QI Learning Institute Introductory Webinar

The "Introduction to the AHRQ QI Learning Institute" Webinar was held on July 30, 2008. Select to access the slide presentation (PowerPoint® presentation [950 KB]; Web version) and the Webinar transcript.

Quality Indicators 101 Webinar

The Webinar "AHRQ Quality Indicators 101: Background and Introduction to the AHRQ QIs" was held on September 17, 2008. Select to access the slide presentation (PowerPoint® presentation [1.8 MB]; Web version), the Webinar transcript, and the Webinar recording.

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About the AHRQ Quality Indicators

The AHRQ QIs are health care quality measures that are widely used to highlight potential health care quality concerns, identify areas that need further study and investigation, and track changes over time. In recent years, they have been increasingly used as part of statewide hospital-level public reporting efforts. At least 12 statewide or regional public reporting programs currently use the AHRQ QIs to help consumers better assess hospital performance. In May 2008, the National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed many of the AHRQ QIs for hospital-level public reporting.

To learn more about the QIs, go to:

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