Fact Sheets and Brochures

General Resources

Brochures – HIV/AIDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
A listing of brochures about HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention created by the Centers for Disease Control. En español

Fact Sheets – Prevention of HIV/AIDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Resources providing information about ways to prevent HIV transmission. En español

Fact Sheets – Populations/Surveillance (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
This resource provides a listing of fact sheets providing data about surveillance of HIV/AIDS in the US and among specific populations. The fact sheets also provide specific prevention information.

HIV Awareness Days Fact Sheets (Health and Human Services)
HHS has developed several fact sheets that provide current statistics and other information on the impact of HIV/AIDS. The sheets can be downloaded and used as educational materials. The sheets are organized by their appropriate Awareness Day.

HIV/AIDS - Publications (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH)
A listing of informative publications from NIAID regarding general HIV/AIDS prevention and research, as well as more specific research information in vaccines and treatment.

  • How HIV Causes AIDS – This document describes how HIV proceeds into AIDS, including initial transmission and early events in HIV infection.
  • HIV Infection and AIDS: An Overview – This resource provides basic information about HIV and AIDS, and how HIV is transmitted and ways to prevent transmission.

HIV During Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and After Birth - Fact Sheets (PDF - 180 KB) (AIDSinfo)
Mother-to-child transmission is a main avenue for HIV transmission, but transmission during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and after birth is preventable with the proper actions. This document describes the steps mothers or mothers-to-be who are living with HIV need to take to prevent HIV transmission to their children. En español (PDF - 216 KB)

Search for HIV/AIDS Materials (National Prevention Information Network, CDC)
This resource provides a way to get information about educational materials tailored to a variety of audiences and focusing on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, STDs, and TB. Some of the items are available through NPIN and can be ordered online. Understanding HIV Prevention (PDF – 108 KB) (AIDSinfo) Understanding how HIV is transmitted is an important step in prevention. This resource describes steps individuals can to protect themselves and others from HIV transmission. En español (PDF - 68 KB)

Take Control Fact Sheets

What is the Take Control Campaign?

The National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign is a nationwide effort to promote HIV testing, sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy (OHAP). The Campaign is sending speakers and materials to events and activities across the United States, including trade shows, conventions, conferences, and festivals.

Learn more about the National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign: Take control of your health and your life. Get tested for HIV.

Fact Sheets about HIV/AIDS and Testing

We encourage you to download or order the following campaign materials and use them to help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and encourage the members of your community to get tested for HIV. There are no copyright restrictions.

Order Fact Sheets for an HIV Testing Event

NHTMC campaign brochure National HIV Testing Community Mobilization Campaign (an overview) (PDF - 517.86 KB)
The National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign is a nationwide effort to promote HIV testing.

NHMTC flyer Take Control of Your Health and Your Life. Get Tested for HIV (PDF - 335.5 KB)
HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Learn more about why all sexually active Americans should get tested for HIV.

African American HIV/AIDS Factsheet African Americans and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 182.74 KB)
Even though African Americans represent only 13 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for 49 percent of all new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2005.

Hispanics HIV/AIDS Factsheet Hispanics and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 165.41 KB)
HIV/AIDS is the third leading cause of death among Hispanic men ages 35 to 44.

Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Factsheet Asian/Pacific Islanders and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 185.51 KB)
The number of Asian/Pacific Islanders living with HIV/AIDS continues to rise, with a yearly increase of more than 10 percent during the past 5 years.

Native HIV/AIDS American Indians/Alaska Natives and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 163.15 KB)
American Indians/Alaska Natives have the third highest rate of AIDS diagnosis in the United States, despite having the smallest population.

Women and HIV/AIDS factsheet Women and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 179.6 KB)
The proportion of AIDS diagnoses among women has increased since the beginning of the epidemic. Women of color are especially affected by the disease.

Youth HIV/AIDS Factsheet Youth and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 187.26 KB)
Thousands of young people ages 13 to 24 are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS every year.

Americans and HIV/AIDS factsheet Americans and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 177.23 KB)
More than 56,300 Americans are infected with HIV each year.

MSM HIV/AIDS factsheet Men Who Have Sex with Men and HIV/AIDS (PDF - 170.04 KB)
MSM accounted for 72 percent of all HIV infections among male adults and adolescents in 2005.

Last revised: 09/22/2008