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    Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the Web. Web accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the Web, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities...
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    Blogs are websites with regular updates and typically combine text, images (graphics or video), and links to other webpages. Blogs are usually informal—taking on the tone of a diary or journal entry. Some blogs are very personal, while others provide mainstream news updates. Most blogs encourage dialogue by allowing their readers to leave comments...
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    Podcasts (a blend of the terms “iPod” and “broadcast”) are audio or video files that you can listen to or watch on your computer or on a variety of portable media devices (like an iPod, Zune, and certain cell phones). They are usually short, often free, and you can subscribe to receive new podcasts automatically via your computer or other media device...
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    RSS Feeds

    “RSS” stands for “Real Simple Syndication.” RSS feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content to people automatically. With an RSS feed, you can subscribe to a particular website, just like you would subscribe to a newspaper, and you will be notified when that site has new content...
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    Social Network Sites

    Social network sites are online communities that give you opportunities to connect with, or provide resources to, clients, colleagues, family, and friends who share common interests. In each social network, you create a profile that describes you or your organization, and then invite people to join you as “friends.” There are many different types of social network sites, many of which are free, and they range from general to those tailored for a specific demographic or interest area...
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    Text Messaging

    Text messaging is a way of sending information to and from cell phones and certain personal digital assistants (PDAs)...
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    Usability measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system – whether that is a website, software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device. In general, usability refers to how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals and how satisfied they are with that process...
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    Video & Computer Games

    Video and computer games are interactive games you play on game devices (such as Nintendo’s Wii, XBox, and Playstation), and computers. There are single player games, social (or multiplayer) games, and massively-multiplayer online games (MMO), where large numbers of participants play together over the Internet....
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    Virtual Worlds

    A virtual world is a computer-based, simulated reality or fantasy environment where people can socialize, connect, and create in an infinite number of ways. Participants can develop digital representations of themselves, known as avatars. In a virtual world, you can be whomever (or whatever) you want to be...
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    The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian word for “fast.” Wiki technology creates a webpage that anyone with access to it can modify—quickly and easily. A wiki is essentially a webpage with an edit button...
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Nice site, with loads of useful information..

-- Richard Vanderhurst.

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