ida ustad award

For Excellence in Acquisition

2007 Nomination Form

(Please limit your nomination submission to no more than 3 printed pages.)
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The above person is nominated for the 2007 Ida Ustad Award for Excellence in Acquisition because of his or her exceptional contributions to the acquisition field or community.

Please describe the nominee's original, innovative approach to an acquisition issue.

Preference will be given to the nominees whose innovation or innovations have lowered prices and/or improved the quality of performance the Government receives from its contractors. How did the nominee's approach meet these needs?

Please describe how the nominee has served as a business leader/advisor, focusing on both the customer and the market and bringing the two together effectively.

How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to professional development, both personally and organizationally?

A description of how the nominee’s accomplishment (s) resulted in substantial small business participation or created significant subcontracting opportunities.

This nomination must be approved by the nominee's Head of Contracting Activity (HCA). It is the responsibility of the nominator to obtain that approval. Please provide the name and contact information for the HCA:

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After you select the Submit button you will be shown a verification page. Please verify all information on this page. If the information is incomplete, please submit another nomination form.

Please contact Patricia D. Miller at 202-501-2518 to verify that your nomination has been received