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S1000D-SCORM Harmonization Enabled with New Release of S1000D 4.0

September 19, 2008

The new release of S1000D 4.0, the international specification for technical publications, now supports the development and life cycle management of technical learning objects.  Driven by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the AeroSpace and Defense Industries of Europe (ASD), and the S1000D Technical Publications Specification Management Group (TPSMG), the parties coordinated their activities over 16 months to develop an integrated approach to the development of learning and technical information.

“Data readiness was the driver for S1000D to support technical learning content,” says Wayne Gafford, Director of ADL’s Job Performance Technology Center.  “S1000D fills a need SCORM does not address: guidance on content and format.”

The harmonization of S1000D and the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) continues to be a priority as complex systems require links between data and the systems they support. “S1000D is a life cycle support tool for content,” says Paul Haslam, the S1000D Editor-in-Chief.  “It enables all product support content, including learning content, to be managed concurrently and efficiently throughout its life cycle.”

The new support includes a data module that structures learning content, including lesson plans, learning materials and assessments; new file name conventions that identify instructional and human performance strategies; and a new content aggregation model based on the conceptual structure of a SCORM content package.

Using S1000D to manage and produce training content has several benefits, including:

  • Life cycle management – S1000D provides a common set of metadata for lifecycle management, ensuring that training content is updated whenever there is a product design change that affects technical information.
  • Consistent file naming conventions – A data module code that can be used to create a consistent naming convention for learning content files.
  • The ability to work with SCORM – SCORM does not describe data formats for individual learning objects. S1000D fills SCORM’s data specification gap. S1000D data can be packaged into SCORM objects, similar to any other file format.  This allows training content developed with S1000D to be delivered via any SCORM-compliant learning management system.

About S1000D

S1000D, originally developed by the European Aerospace and Defense industry (ASD), is the industry specification for the production of technical publications.  S1000D uses the XML standard for preparing, managing, and producing equipment maintenance and operations information.  It also provides a framework for creating and storing technical publications in a common source database.  To download the S1000D standard, go to  For more information on S1000D-SCORM harmonization, go to

Wayne Gafford –
Paul Haslam –

Last Revised: 09/02/2008
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