Ida Ustad Award

For Excellence in Acquisition

2008 AWARD

2008 AWARD

The Ida Ustad Award for Excellence in Acquisition is an annual $5000 award sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA) recognizing an individual Government employee whose actions demonstrate or embody the concept of contract specialist as business leader/advisor and had a major impact on improving the acquisition process. Nominations are to be e:mailed directly to until May 2, 2008. The nominations should include all the information requested in the third paragraph below.

In order to be eligible for this award, an applicant must be a Government employee in the 1102 series working for an agency subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation and must have high ethical standards. The accomplishments for which the applicant is nominated must have taken place after February 1, 2007, but before February 1, 2008. Anyone may nominate an applicant for this award. However, the nomination must be approved by the applicant’s Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA). The nomination requires the following information:

1. A description of the nominee's original, innovative approach to an acquisition issue. 2. A description of how the nominee's approach lowered prices and/or improved the quality of performance the Government receives from its contractors. 3. A description of how the nominee has served as a business leader/advisor, focusing on both the customer and the market and bringing the two together effectively. 4. A description of how the nominee demonstrated a commitment to professional development, both personally and organizationally. 5. A description of how the nominee’s accomplishment (s) resulted in substantial small business participation or created significant subcontracting opportunities. GSA will present the award at the "Shine Awards Luncheon" in the Spring 2008. More information to follow."

If you have any questions please e:mail

Nominations will be accepted until May 2, 2008.

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