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About IAE

Both the federal acquisition community and government contractors want the most efficient, competitive and transparent process possible. That is why IAE offers an alternative to agencies building and maintaining their own specialized systems. Designed with input from over 300 representatives from 65 agencies, IAE provides centralized shared services.

In order to move towards interoperability, IAE's first phase identified the steps and data elements used in acquisition across the federal enterprise. The results strengthen the ability of all agencies to manage their procurement processes as well as implement improved, consistent procedures and controls. To reduce duplication, achieve economies of scale and leverage federal investments, IAE has also made optimal use of existing services. Consequently, agencies and vendors can make better business decisions. Nine IAE systems presently support the acquisition process.

In addition to bringing them "under one roof," IAE will fully integrate them and further streamline the process. Ultimately, IAE will be a true Acquisition Central, a single point where federal buyers and sellers can access information and support services. IAE is under the auspices of OMB's Office of Federal Procurement Policy and the Chief Acquisition Officers Council.